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Blossom Goodchild

September 2nd., 2016

Good morning. I’m happy to tell you, yet I expect you already know, that since last week’s channelling, there has been a ceasefire on a 52 yr. old war in Columbia. So, I was pretty impressed with your prediction my friends. Well done you. Are we ready for a session?

We are. And we thank you for the accolades and yet, not at all necessary. We simply like to assist in the ongoing matters that lie ahead, by making you aware of ‘happenings’ that may or may not  occur … for in Truth , it is not in our hands.

This I understand. Yet, I was impressed none the less. What road shall we travel down today?

Let us consider matters that are likely to be of interest to you. It appears that although there is much excitement in the ‘ranks’ would we say … that many are subdued and ‘on their last legs’ pertaining to this ‘waiting game’ … as one would so call it.

Really? I actually haven’t heard of that so much lately. I just felt heightened expectancy, although I am aware of a few folk who are really struggling and considering the Universe to be pushing its luck!!

We know, that for some, there is both inner and outer turmoil. We spoke last time of a ‘shake up’ and that it was mildly beginning. This can take many different forms … for we are speaking not only on a global scale, yet, on an individual one also. For as you are aware, many shifts have taken place.

Shift happens!



On Discernment

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There comes a time when so much rhetoric of what seems to be coming from the heart with good intent becomes a thing which is all in someones head. When there is no validation there is no truth. I choose to not believe anything coming from Blossom Goodchild. A nice soft fluffy message is just that and no more. It is meaningless. This is false hope given to the weak by one or a group of individuals who claim to be  channeling information. Well, allow the water to flow. Sometimes one just has to pull the lever and flush.