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Hello My Friends


MARCH ON oh fellow warriors … with hearts of joy and Light,

MARCH ON as ONE together … we won’t give up the fight.

MARCH ON in just the ONE voice … that does not need to speak,

MARCH ON within your own choice … and find now what you seek.

MARCH ON as an example … Be that shining star,

MARCH ON and reach the Highest … of who you Truly are.

MARCH ON and count your blessings … be they large or small,

MARCH ON and give such gratitude … for Being here at all.

MARCH ON now more than ever … the awakening has begun,

MARCH ON within the KNOWING … that the battle has been won.

MARCH ON with swords held skyward …. Recharge them from above,

MARCH ON and FEEL within yourself … the Golden Rays of Love.

MARCH ON and FEEL the newness … of the energies now here,

MARCH ON as every breath you take … disperses manmade fear.

MARCH ON and FEEL the difference…  KNOW change is taking place,

MARCH ON as though it’s happened … this happier human race.

MARCH ON because your inner core … is calling to your soul,

MARCH ON fulfil your destiny …  give service to the whole.

MARCH ON enjoy each moment … may laughter fill your days,

MARCH ON and see how giving … receives all kinds of ways.

MARCH ON with Love abounding … with Light to guide you through,

MARCH ON and change the system … leaving old and living new.

MARCH ON with eyes that glisten … giving hope where hope had gone,

MARCH ON with ears that listen … giving strength to carry on.

MARCH ONwards ever onwards … Life is not the same,

MARCH ON to greet our NEW WORLD … for this is why we came.

MARCH ON and never waver … you have come so very far

MARCH ON oh fellow warriors … KNOW the I AM that YOU ARE.

Blossom Goodchild. March 2011


Just a few little things to add .. 

James Twyman is hoping to plant a peace pole into the earth near the pyramids in Giza containing a million prayer statements from souls all over the world. When you look at how the word ‘LOVE ‘ taped to a tank of water can change the form of the crystals within … think what these blessings of peace will do to Mother Earth.  Great idea!  Feel free to visit this link if it resonates with you.



Feb 27, 2011


As happens so often when I start a blog post I have no idea what it is to be about I just know it's about time I got on and did one!

Interesting how I had put in my last channelling how I actually FELT the 'Turning Point' in which a shift took place within me ... within my heart. I have been really working on the LOVE LIGHT focus in my heart and trying to envisage it at all times ... so that it eventually became a gentle acknowledgement that simply had its place and I knew was always there as I went about my day. I KNOW this ... for me ... was a contribution to this shift. It was like the proverbial Light bulb being switched on. TING!

My heart and brain ... Der! ... suddenly understood that I would always be looked after ... why wouldn't I be? Therefore I had absolutely nothing to worry about ... nothing to fear. I am 'playing my part' the best way I know how ... learning as I go, but doing my best to BE of LOVE throughout my every breath. Not yet perfect of course, but certainly a long way down the track from a few short years ago.

Before, when I have been in desperate need of financial assistance, I would comment on how I know I would be looked after etc, and although sometimes left to the eleventh hour and fifty ninth minute ... I always have been. I had a sort of pleading 'please let this be OK ' tone to my prayers! Clearly I had not yet sussed what TRUE TRUSTING is all about. And it is in this field I FEEL I have stepped up a notch or two. It just came to me so easily ... Why would the God/Love/Universe (whatever word suits) ... why would it not provide if we are living a life that is in the flow of Love and goodness? It simply wouldn't be right for everything not to comply with our desires. OF COURSE I AM GOING TO BE LOOKED AFTER ...WHY WOULDN'T I BE?

When I looked into the matter more deeply I realised that I had been holding myself back from this level because of my conditioning. Because of all the little anecdotes that had been implanted into my brain since childhood. No fault of my parents ... the fault of mankind and how we had fallen into the negativity that we have, due to a thousand pile ups of fear, one on top of the other.

But NO MORE. WE, down here at this time, have come to change that ... isn't it about time we did!! We are moving into a time when we realise that we are ALL worthy. We are ALL one and the same. We are ... for want of a better way of putting it ... 'Gods/Loves children' ... God's/Loves creations ... It is not GOD/LOVE that has determined as to whether we are of joy or suffering ... it is ourselves. We KNOW better now. We KNOW we have the right to choose. We can FEEL the strength rising within us and no longer shall we allow the forces of a lesser Light to pull us under.

We are on the rise , within every aspect of ourselves ...and there 'aint nothin' and nobody that can stop us!!!!!!

Hand in hand ... along with all this KNOWING comes Mr Gratitude!! This too, we know makes a huge difference to our Mrs Attitude!!! By focusing on all our blessings ... and if one chose, they could have a list of thousands of them ... depending on one's outlook ... By FEELING the gratefulness ... TRULY FEELING IT ... not just a flippant 'yeah right ... cheers' , but a HEARTFELT burst from inside that takes your breath away ... THIS is how we are also making changes. To really BE in gratitude cannot help but change the vibration of yourself and those around you. For on the premise that we are ALL ONE ... by giving thanks for all you have and all that you are , you are giving thanks for all that everybody else has and all that everyone else IS! For BEING grateful for the peace in my life I am BEING grateful for the peace in the world ... therefore manifesting peace. For BEING grateful for all the abundance in my life , I am BEING grateful for the abundance in everyones life ... therefore manifesting abundance ... to me ... to you ... to the planet. What a brilliant scheme we are part of ... we just need to 'get it' in order to understand it ... in order to make it work.

I know I am not the first and certainly shan't be the last to appreciate this Divine plan. There are so many mentors and teachers out there guiding us, showing us the way. Yet to reiterate ... to be reminded ... to grasp the concept and pass it on ... is creating a movement of LIGHT that is so bright, you can FEEL the effect throughout your BEING. You cannot do anything other than smile for you realise you are beginning to KNOW that KNOWING. 'AH-HA!' one squeals!! ... 'This is what it's all about. This is what we have been waiting for. AH-HA! At long last ... I'm getting it.'

I know I am not alone in this shift, for since my channelling the other day I have had some letters from others saying they are feeling exactly the same. They too actually 'felt' ... the 'turning point'.

You've gotta admit ... it's very exciting. SO much change happening in the world politically. In no way am I a political bunny as many of you know ... but GOOD things are happening. The world is stirring out of it's complacency. We are fighting back!

Of course there are still dramatic changes taking place from within the earth. For she too is stirring and this is causing disruption on the topside. All these great changes from the old to the new will cause stirrings that will manifest in different ways. Yet this is ALL part of the deal. We KNEW of this before we came ... and we knew that we would be strong in the face of adversity and KNOW to shine our Light to those places, for it is the most poignant thing we can do!

All this and we are still in February!! What on earth will be happening in July! What on earth indeed!!

PS.. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I just posted this, then went to my inbox. This link was sent to me twice. The synchronicity of these words ... matched this blog so well ... I am beaming. Just had to come back and share. What a beautiful voice this man has!!


Enjoy my friends.

sending out so much
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Blossom xx