Blue Moon Coming Up Tomorrow Night

Desert Gypsy's picture - 8/19/13

Blue Moon coming up tomorrow night – August 20-21.

Image credit: VegaStar Carpentier

Image credit: VegaStar Carpentier. Thank you!

And remember it’s a “seasonal” Blue Moon … the third of four full moons in a season, coming up on the night of August 20-21.

So maybe you’re saying, “But I thought a Blue Moon was the second full moon of a month.”

Yes, it is. The name Blue Moon is part of folklore. Like all folklore, there are alternate versions of the story.

A Blue Moon can be the second of two full moons of a calendar month. Or a Blue Moon can be the third of four full moons in a season. The upcoming Blue Moon is the seasonal kind. A “season” in this case is between the June solstice and September equinox.

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