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Change, Everywhere, Change


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Dear Ones,

Change, everywhere, change.

What was is no more. And what is arriving is percolating into the new. So that which you are familiar with seems to shift daily, including your body and thoughts.

This is not an easy time because you have nothing to hang onto that seems reliable or, at times, even correct for who you wish to be. Everything, including you, is in flux.

You grasp one concept only to discover it no longer serves you, so you jump to the next. This constant shifting is challenging and exhausting. At the same time, you feel touches of exhilaration as you realize how much your life is changing.

The most important aspect of this current shift is that you acknowledge that there are no inner shoulds, that you are in free-fall, without needing to grasp anything solid.

Allow yourself to flow into yourself just as is true for a brook that gently bubbles downstream. There is no possibility of you stopping, just as is true for a stream as it meanders through the landscape.

You will become stymied, exhausted, or fearful if you attempt to damn that stream by resisting your urges or inner needs.

You are shifting daily - something that surprises and terrifies you. At the same time, your new you is becoming stronger - strong enough to address any shifts you might make within yourself or in your outer world. And so it is for humanity.

This is a tumultuous time for everyone causing more panic than is necessary. During puberty, you were a child one moment, a teenager the next, and a young adult within a few more moments. You spanned the range from child to young adult minute by minute despite the pain it caused you and others. That puberty uncertainty, that ongoing change, often made you angry at the world. So between a desire to return to childhood and the need to act more maturely, you, in a sense, suffered through your puberty years. So it is now.

At times, you wish to return to the ease of 3D even though when you attempt to do so, you discover it no longer feels comfortable or right. At other times, you wish to be your mature new being with all that signifies, but your attempts to do so feel exhausting. And the middle ground, your current new you puberty, feels cumbersome and unwieldy.

You will complete this new you puberty phase in a few days. And once you do, you will wonder why you were so uncomfortable physically and emotionally.

Many of you will even activate various body ailments to slow yourself down so you do not miss any part of the necessary transition pieces. Others will be slowed down by the ailments of loved ones. Forcing you into a quiet time in preparation for the next big push.

During the next push, you will forgo interest in 3D activities or life. So it is; you are saying goodbye to yesterday and just beginning to claim tomorrow. A tomorrow that will automatically appear within days. For your new world shifts no longer require months or years, but minutes, days, or, at most, a few weeks.

You are on hyperspeed into the new. Your pleasant, seemingly slow-moving stream does not stop or ponder; it continues to gently follow its course. And so it is for you - even though this phase does not feel gentle, any more than puberty felt to you decades ago. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda's Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her "Blog & Subscribe" website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda's Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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