Clairvoyants - can people look into the future?

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Clairvoyants and fortune tellers are booming in all eras. But there are just as many doubts about this interpretation of the future. What is clairvoyance and are there people who can see into the future? If we want to deal with this, we first have to get rid of a clichéd worldview. Namely that clairvoyant must see something and that clairvoyant always hit the mark. Otherwise, the topic is no longer worth discussing.

The clairvoyant works with different channels of perception In general, clairvoyance is known in the population by the clairvoyant seeing something. It could be a vision, an image or a symbol. This appears before his inner eye and contains a message for the future. But even this perception of the work of a clairvoyant is subject to a cliché. Clairvoyance is only indirectly about images or visions appearing that can be interpreted. Rather, a clairvoyant works with the perception of vibrations that can have certain energetic forces.

Visions and images support an interpretation Most famous clairvoyants in history have symbolic figures in the visions that conveyed the message. It was a combination of LOOKING and HEARING. Even if this symbolic figure itself does not represent a message, perceiving a vision is clearly a pictorial scene. The words that are then audible contain the real message. Hellsehen, Wahrsagen, telefonische Beratung