Cobra Interview Synopsis with Alexandra Meadors

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Cobra Interview from October 29th now available. The Following are some of the areas discussed; Regarding the factions within the Cabal – if we look at the world scene {not countries} it is now the USA and Israel against the rest of the world. The Cabal are simply very crazy people {beings} – no more – no less and you have to tread carefully with them. Some examples of their madness are;

1) The recent attempt to shut down the US government – reason they did this was to try to affect martial law being introduced. They did not succeed and they will NEVER succeed in doing this because if they try they will be stopped by the Resistance Movement – end of story.
2) They recently dismissed 22 Generals – why? This is the Cabal trying to do away with the ‘good guys’ – nothing more or less – Cobra made it clear that they have not or cannot disrupt any plans by doing this.
3) Alexandra mentioned the release of 26 Palestinians by the Israeli government and as this is the Illuminati – Cabal high seat of high seats {Zionist Rothschild ++} they are simply using these efforts as small negotiation tactics to earn some points – nothing else and on that note I can tell you that on the Swedish morning news they mentioned that within hours of the release of these 26 prisoners the Israeli Gov.; announced that they would be starting the building of 1500 new homes on the West Bank! You get it!
4) Seemingly a number of congressmen have disappeared according to Alexandra’s question and Cobra’s comment was that “They will soon emerge out of nowhere like nothing has happened.”
OUR IMPLANTS. Alexandra asked for some explanation of these implants that the Cabal furnish everyone with at birth. He explained that “ ‘Black holes’ can be created both out of materia and etherically. These are etheric implants which are rotated and so create disharmonious fields around them – besides these 3 internal implants {see earlier post here with picture} there are ‘fields’ everywhere around our planet with thousands of these etheric black holes there to create disharmony and confusion and prevent the awakening of people. Cobra says that if these etheric implants did not exist we would be free and awake. The Resistance Movement is working continually on the problem of dismantling this technology which is extremely complex, they have made some progress but not enough {It is my guess that they will make huge progress at the time of the AION portal on November 23rd} – if you read that post you will see that the most amazing progress was made this way in 2003 – quote here from Cobra’s recent info on the AION portal- “The six pointed star is the very same configuration that happened at the Harmonic Concordance in November 2003 (when the Resistance hacked the etheric implant computer program) and it happened again at the Peace Portal on August 25th this year (when we have collectively prevented the military invasion in Syria). Activation of the AION portal is the peak moment of the turning of the tide. Due to the grid ratio, the Light forces were passive and mainly responding to actions of the dark forces until now. From the AION portal on, the Light will begin to initiate action.” Sorry to be a nag here but did you just read the implications of what he is saying here in these last lines???? So after the 2003 attempt to hack the implant program the Cabal succeeded in ‘rebooting’ it and strengthening it again – so let us unite this time in this most important meditation of all time and ‘push for the rebirth’ of this planet into 5th dimensional liberation from our imprisonment finally. Cobra said that “When this is done {Resistance succeeds in hacking etheric implant program}
 VICTORY IS OURS. Getting back to today’s Interview;
1) Explains for those among you with interest in astrology why the chart for the AION portal seems ‘different’ – simply because this astrology is not measured form the Earth view of the planets but is a heliocentric chart showing the view as when one views these planets from the Sun. This because the Star Tetrahedron chart showing the circular formation of these 6 planets will affect the WHOLE SOLAR SYSTEM and not just Earth. Alexandra asked about these lines from his last blog and wondered how we would ‘feel’ the energy at the time of The Event and Cobra answered “Let’s just wait and see”. “At the moment of the activation of the portal, the Galactic Central Sun will send an energy minipulse through the Sun and through the six pointed star mandala of planets. This energy pulse will be similar to what will happen at the Event, but this pulse now will be most likely far less powerful. The pulse will send harmonious resonance waves throughout the solar system and might trigger the solar magnetic pole reversal.” On this note I will be re-posting a popular post that I wrote from 3 -4 months ago in the next couple of days called The Event Flash.
2) Regarding many seeming recent Light moves by the new Pope Francis – “The Jesuits are masters at manipulation – they do NOT have the highest interests of humanity at heart.” You will most of you have seen my recent post showing the work of Kevin Annett and his disclosure as to how priests must sign papers that prevent them from disclosing information regarding paedophilia etc.
3) NASA + Large UFO’s parked behind the moon !

The Secret Space Program* {If you are interested in this there is an article on this* on Portal 2012 and on my ‘Event Intel Update – Cobra’ page found when you open The Event page} and generally speaking information from NASA has always been highly secretive with low level of truthful info. There has been Light infiltration of course of NASA as every other organisation on this planet. Regarding the posts that have been spread far and wide re UFO*s {L-shaped} parked behind the moon Cobra said “No advanced Galactic civilisation would have any need whatsoever to ‘hide’ their ships anywhere they have no such needs” The advanced ships that are here supporting our rise out of the Matrix have all the technology they need to hide their ships if they need to. The reason that we have not seen more or had more contact is simply that IF the Galactics were to do some foolhardy {and they never will} thing that ‘upset’ the Cabal there is no telling how they might retaliate. One of their greatest ‘works’ has been the prevention of our awareness of our Galactic Family.

4) Putin refuses to see Kissinger Now I do not know Mr Putin and I do not claim to understand who this man is. Cobra has called him ‘The little dictator’ but also said that he is supporting the Light Eastern Alliance – anyhow I do fully understand anyone – and I mean anyone not wanting to meet with Kissinger – My stomach turns just thinking about the guy – the fact that he murdered {was behind} John F Kennedy and his brother is enough for me but that is only the tiny tip of the iceberg as to what this ‘being’ has done. Anyhow Cobra explained that in the past the Rockefeller Cabal faction {Kissinger’s} and other Cabal people have visited Russia many times. However in recent years they have been rejected and they have been warned that if they turn up they might be arrested! Well dear friends there is much more in this interview but I also have an ‘outside’ job that I must go to so this is all for now. Get back to you all very soon.

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