A Conversation About Life on Earth Before The Fall (or Degradation of DNA)

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These are excerpts from the Q&A of Lesson 4 pt 2/2 For Full Spectrum Humans.

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"Did the state of balance and perfection that humanity existed in before the fall extend to the entire biosphere? Also would you please elaborate on the relationship between hitting the membrane of death on a timeline and cycling back to the beginning to start again and dying well or not well and becoming a being of pure love, or one who must subsist on lower vibrations. This was an award winning lesson!" Zach Diers


"Hello Zach, and many thanks for the complement!


In answer to your question "Did the state of balance and perfection that humanity existed in before the fall extend to the entire biosphere? " Yes, the entire planet Earth was in a more balanced and harmonious state before the degradation of humanity's DNA. You see, all DNA is affecting each other, whether or not it is within the same species. Because DNA is an antenna, that both receives and broadcasts energy, changes in the DNA of one organism are broadcast at large and have an effect on all DNA bearing creatures. When we consider Earth's planetary consciousness as the sum total perspective of all life on and within her, it becomes evident that changes to one species mental expression shifts the mental balance of the whole planet. 

I am not only referring to the environmental degradation that has resulted from humanity's ignorant and misguided use and abuse of natural resources. I am also referring to species being out of balance, and the rise of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and insects. 

When humanity's DNA was pristine, there was not a place where opportunistic pathogens could exist, mental or physical. For example, dental caries (caused by dental bacteria) were not a problem, because the energy field of the mouth was so strong that it was not a habitable environment for external pathogens to enter. (Nowadays, it is simply taken as normal, that immediately upon birth and exposure to its own parents, a newborn infant will be infected with the dental bacteria that will cause cavities and tartar and degradation of the mouth, however, if all humans lived in perfect alignment of their energy fields, there would be no more hosts for this bacteria and it would either have to change or cease to exist.)

When human DNA was pristine, humanity was telepathically interactive with all of the organisms on Earth and with planetary consciousness itself, and that means that humanity was not at odds with the plants and animals coexisting on the planet. Imagine a world where there is no problem with weeds in the garden, just ask them not to grow there, or bees making a next in your house, just ask them to leave. Imagine needing honey and just asking the bees to make it for you. This was an entirely different mindset and experience of oneness with nature, and we are in the process of returning to this direct connection of consciousness. 


I will record a lesson in response to your general question about dying well versus not dying well, but for now, I will say that this is determined by cultivation of the inner self and accretion of light. 

When I say cultivation of inner self, I mean, learning to distinguish between the eternal part of the self, one's true essence, and the ego or temporal self, that which arises strictly from the experience of being submerged in time. As one learns to focus awareness on the eternal aspects of self, and ceases to identify with the temporal ego self, there is a transfer of consciousness to the eternal body, which is a nonphysical body made up of pure light or information, and which may continue to carry consciousness after it has exited the physical form. (I also have a whole lesson planned just about Death, so I will share a lot more about this.) 

Accreting light is what we are all doing through our process of refinement, and soul or consciousness evolution, and is part of or one result of the Ascension process on an individual and planetary level. One is collecting more light around oneself, and the more light you have, the more you attract light, and it increases exponentially. In order to die well, it is necessary to have accreted a minimum amount of light during one's physical lifetime, and to bring one's energy to the level of unconditional love. It is the love within us that is eternal, and we must become beings of pure love in order to live eternally.

Awareness which continues to identify with the ego self at the point of death is analogous to staying on a sinking ship, refusing to let go. At death, it is necessary to relinquish one's old identity or self in order to rise up to higher dimensional consciousness. If a person refuses to do this, and continues to identify with their temporal ego, they are choosing not to rise higher, and remain stuck in the interstices, the inbetween worlds membrane, as perturbations in the field, distortions of the true ray of love consciousness on its journey. (It's a journey, and consciousness has to be prepared to flow, if it does not flow and remains stuck, in a particular mindset or dimensional reality, that consciousness is refusing to follow the pattern dictated by higher intelligence, it is out of place in the orderliness and perfection of true reality, and in order to become 'right' or 'at peace' that consciousness must release its cohesion and flow onwards.) 

The lack of training and preparation for the death journey that is a result of the current objective materialist social programming has resulted in many many people who, through being always distracted during their corporeal existence, or through living in fear and ignorance, get to their death without having cultivated their true self or accreted much light. These are not bad or evil people, simply undeveloped, and their consciousness is not strong enough, or coherent enough, to withstand the forces that are exerted upon the process of death. They are not their eternal selves, they are lesser emanations, and they might exist in the stuck inbetween state until they are resolved, at which point, their energy flows again and merges into the universe to be reconstituted as new consciousness in a new form. Also, understand that this is not a linear process, that residual consciousness may take a long time to be resolved, and the original consciousness which is eternal might already have travelled onward.

This topic really needs pictures to discuss properly, so I will record that lesson and we can continue!" Aurora