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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

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Dear Ones,

You likely have a need to ensure loved ones also enjoy this new world.

Your loved ones are receiving life support by being in your presence. So there is no need to lecture, cajole, beg, plead, hope for, or any other approach that indicates you are their instructor and they are your pupil.

Your instructor role is over, as is any other approach that slows you down to care for or worry about others. This is a new world, and you are a new being.

As a new being in this new world, you must understand that others are as capable as you. You are not better or worse than anyone. You are you. But you are not them, nor do you want to be. If you had the same needs and interests as others, you would revert to 3D sameness and social control.

This new world requires independence and personal capabilities. If you were to help - or, in reality, push - others in the direction you felt best, you would be directing/pushing them onto your path - not theirs.

Others are as capable as you. Something difficult to remember because, for eons, you have subconsciously known you were an earth angel protecting, herding, and directing others to this new world. That role is over.

It is now the time you feared in 3D of "every man, woman, and child for themselves." Something you never allowed while of 3D in this or any earth life. Had you acted on that phrase before now, social mores would have placed you in an emotional corral or a correctional facility.

This new world is different in ways you cannot yet imagine, for it is the opposite of what you once expected of the earth and yourself. It cannot be otherwise. Because when you transition from fear to love, the spectrum of your beliefs, activities, and emotions also transition. That is unless you refuse to accept what is new. Something many of you are attempting without success. Attempts that are merely moving you off your chosen path and confusing those you are trying to shift in ways you know are "best" for them.

New world, new thoughts, and new actions.

Perhaps you do not understand that concept because your need to herd others to the right place is so deeply ingrained you do not know you are herding, forcing, encouraging, or trying to help others find YOUR path.

In 3D, there was a clear line between those who were capable and those who were not. The correct action was to herd those not capable into the capable corral. For indeed, it was a corral - "Follow me, and you will be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Struggle to find your own path, and you will be lost."

You struggled for eons to eradicate that caretaking role, to allow, and more importantly, to encourage others to find their path. Directing others to your path is counterproductive for both of you. More importantly, doing so eradicates the objectives you struggled for eons to help earth beings achieve.

Independence, freedom, and joy are one path. As are dependence, sameness, and fear. Which do you choose for yourself? More importantly, for this message, which do you choose for those you love?

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