~Crescendo of Love~ NOW INCOMING~

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~Crescendo of Love~



Tonight, with the sun sinking below the western horizon, full moon about to rise in the east, humility sets in.

This is the most profound year of transformation I can remember in this or any lifetime.  The great cycle shift is revealing itself to be a formidable crossing.

From the opening of 2011 through every today, we’re at once witness to and experiencer of an unprecedented acceleration of consciousness prophesied since ancient times.

Each moment drips with importance. The effects of the changes we’re initiating now – our individual and collective actions and thoughts – will be felt for millennia, throughout time and space.

All is possible in this crucible of creation.  If only we will surrender.

I’ve written extensively about this passage for years now, in my book, Cosmic Time, and in various newsletters, websites and blogs. To read more about the big picture, visit the links at the end of this post.
Now What?

We’ve made it through a raucous Solstice eclipse season from the Gemini new moon on June 1 through the Cancer new moon on July 1.

Venus has now disappeared from our view, embarking on her underworld journey until she rises again as the Evening Star in September. Her spiritual initiation mirrors our own as she joins the Sun and the great star Sirius in the pre-dawn hours.

The fourth night of the Mayan Ninth Wave began July 13 and continues through July 30. The ninth and final underworld of the Mayan calendar, according to Carl Johan Calleman’s interpretation, completes October 28.

There are various planetary configurations signaling radical changes on the horizon. And now, Comet Elenin is showing up in our solar system just as the evolution really gets ramped up.

Seismic activity and extreme weather offer purification for the Earth and all creatures as well as pointed messages about how we humans need to live more harmoniously on our beloved planet. (And yes, that’s the wildfire still burning near the nuclear weapons facility at Los Alamos in the sunset photo I shot moments ago.)

As we said in January, the waves of change come faster and faster this year, reaching a culmination this fall.

I don’t offer predictions about what will happen. My sense is that we’re here to experience this passage together, to purify our souls and emerge as more fully realized beings through this passage.

I’m excited about the possibilities inherent in this shift, and stunned by the mysteries now emerging from the depths of my/our soul as we make our way through the changes. The play of shadow and light is exhilarating and excruciating – all at once.
And the Point Is…

It’s one thing to understand intellectually that something huge, something rare, is happening at this crucial time in Earth’s history. It’s another thing to experience it.

No one said it would be easy. Great compassion, patience, determination and radical self-care are required. And, when things get chaotic, it’s time to center and remember what this shift is all about.

Love is crashing open on Earth in wave upon wave of ecstatic reunion, the promise of countless lifetimes fulfilled.

A higher perspective goes a long way in helping us navigate the crossing.

I’ve devoted much of my life to raising awareness and understanding of the significance of the times we’re living in, and how we can navigate the changes with grace. I reference many others who also have dedicated their lives in this shared purpose.

I encourage you to explore with an open heart and mind. Seek truth. And, as my dear astro buddy Sao says, “May love have its way with you.”


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