Daily Message ~ Sunday January 31, 2021

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You are on the planet to have the full experience. That means allowing yourself to fully feel. Many of you, due to your energetic sensitivities, have developed a habit of trying to diminish how much you feel. A lot of focus has gone on the importance of feeling into your more challenging feelings as part of your healing journey. Today we wish to encourage you to fully feel the good feelings.

Next time someone gives you a compliment, accept it. Next time someone has gratitude for you, instead of glossing over it, still yourself and fully receive it. Next time someone offers you help, say yes and feel how nice it is to be assisted and supported. Next time someone expresses love for you, open your heart, stay present in that moment, acknowledge that connection, and let it all in. It is time for you to fully receive what is truly available for you and that means being willing to have the full experience of what is wonderful, too. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young