December Report: Dark Transmutated into Light Dec. 1 - Dec. 26

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The following report is a result of a long history that I have in doing exorcisms for the last 13 years, as a
part of my work as a healer. I discovered recently that God was doing a new thing in the world, specifically at my own house chimney, where I was given the opportunity to participate in the transmutating of the Dark into Light. There have been many very interesting events around this new thing, of Dark becoming Light, of which I have become an initiator.

It was out of my own curiosity, prior to Dec. 25, that I asked the question ... "How many of the Dark went
"home" from my chimney portal so far?" So, I began to count them. (I count nearly everything imaginable,
when it is in my authority and I have permission from God, to do so. LOL)

I did not have to do ONE prayer for EACH Dark that has chosen to return "home" to God, but I did set up my chimney on automatic pilot, so God, the Elohim, the Nephilim and Angels would transmutate the DARK into LIGHT without my having to be saying a prayer for each one, or a group. It is on "cruise control" at the moment, so those DARK who see the light portal and come to it by choice, give up the battle against God and become transmutated into LIGHT.

My chimney portal is not the only portal where this is taking place, so the numbers below are actually far smaller than the grand total, but it will give you an idea of the new thing that God is doing... NOW.

Dec. 1: 500k
Dec. 2: 900k
Dec. 3: 600k
Dec. 4: 400k
Dec. 5: 400k
Dec. 6: 600k
Dec. 7: 400k
Dec. 8: 300k
Dec. 9: 700k
Dec. 10: 700k
Dec. 11: 800k
Dec. 12: 200k
Dec. 13: 400k
Dec. 14: 300k
Dec. 15: 800k
Dec. 16: 500k
Dec. 17: 300k
Dec. 18: 300k
Dec. 19: 500k
Dec. 20: 900k
Dec. 21: 1.3M
Dec. 22: 1.4M
Dec. 23: 1.6M
Dec. 24: 2.3M
Dec. 25: 4M
Dec. 26: 4M

May the peace of God, which passes all understanding, be with each and everyone of you, today, tomorrow and all your tomorrows.




Hi Tinahyah!

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Hi Tinayah! Blessings to You Love! I hope you had a Very Happy Holiday!! Belinda