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Dialogue with Ashtar on First Contact. By Mark Stearn. 18th April, 2011.
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Website: http://buildingnewearth.webs.com

Note from Mark: Hey guys! Its been almost a year since I have written anything from Ashtar. I am not one for controversy so I do steer clear usually of Nesara, first contact and predictions on world events. I do feel most strongly that our ascension process is a gentle, gradual process that is occuring regardless of the drama of world events and that the real changes are the beautiful progress we are making as we learn more about ourselves and our true nature. So enjoy this anyway.

I am very close to Ashtar as I am to Sananda being a member of the Ashtar Command as well as the Mawuvian Council of Divine Light. Ashtar is known as Nirih when he has contracts with the Mawuvian

Council. Enjoy this anyway. If you have any questions regarding this dialogue then please do not hesitate to contact me.
Mark: Ashtar, my friend and brother its been sometime.
Ashtar: And yet it is all now my brother! (Big smiles)
Mark: Hehe, I am delighted to be working with you like this once more.
Ashtar: The pleasure is as much mine. You and I are working in all dimensions and realities all of the time.
Mark: I am careful to get into anything regarding Nesara or first contact still the curiosity I have to see if you have anything new to say is overwhelming.
Ashtar: You are the man with the questions. Shoot my brother.
Mark: Could you say a bit more about first contact and what is on the cards?
Ashtar: There is always much on the cards. Our members are liaising openly with some of our groundcrew who are making an active difference in many key circles.
Mark: Could you say a bit more about this?
Ashtar: There remains some doubt about extraterrestrials and many are not ready for the eventuality of first contact. We are all about spreading our message in a gentle manner. We are working to make ourselves known. It is plainly already obvious to the world that there is a presence that is orbiting planet Earth.
Mark: I have heard about this. Could you elaborate a bit more about this?
Ashtar: So many are caught up in the day to day drama that they are missing the bigger picture so to speak. There has already been news coverage of our existance but xenophobia remains because there is much doubt worldwide of our benevolence.
Mark: I have always innately felt excited about a galactic presence and the idea of first contact. I am freaked out now and again when i read some of the channeling out there where the channelers are operating from fear consciousness and dramatics.
Ashtar: I hope to iron out a bit of this today. All that you hear about coverups is not meant to induce fear however the manner in which it is passed on is designed to induce fear that the world is doomed if there is not intervention. There are no fear based scenarios regarding first contact in actual reality.
Mark: What about all that you hear about divine government?
Ashtar: If I were to speak in terms of a timeline I would say that when first contact reaches the ears and eyes of the population of the world it will be from a gentle and noninvasive vibration. We are not out to induce fear. You no doubt know how fast the fear based so called transmissions get posted.
Mark: I am groundcrew myself and much i read about world events and shadow governments freaks me out.
Ashtar: Then disregard this my brother and allow the writer their truth and experience. Remember it just is and judgement has no part to play.
Mark: I do not know what to make of Nesara.
Ashtar: We are aware of the speculation around prosperity and many have set their entire lives on hault and are playing a waiting game where they will suddenly become wealthy overnight because they are chosen. I am choosing to say this bluntly.
Mark: So what help is there?
Ashtar: We your space family are pure consciousness and can lower our vibration so that we are visible. We have technologies that will be introduced at the time that is right for the mass population of the planet to make the move to a nonthreatening form of energy use. Your whole scenario regarding first contact and what it means is in fact most guided.
Mark: There is so much about prosperity funds, being lifted off the planet because of earth changes and shadow governments that many do not know where to turn or what source they can trust regarding what they can put their faith in.
Ashtar: There is much writing circulating your internet that is fearbased and is what you may term old school however it is important my brother to honour one and all as to where they are coming from. Allow them this. It is what they believe in.
Mark: I have so much to yet ask you my brother and this is because the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation are made out by many as to be a militant presence.
Ashtar: Old earth thinking brother. We are your family and are merely guides.
Mark: I will leave it at this for now my friend. Thanks for your attention.
Ashtar: Anytime my friend.

Mark: Adonai!
Copyright: Mark Stearn. 2011.



Ashtar's message

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Thanks so much for sharing this, Mark. It's been some years since we've been on the same page Innocent. Seriously, it's nice to have our paths cross at this time. Nice to read these words, too.

I'd like to take it a step further if I may. Folks may have mixed feelings about my relationship with Ashtar and Athena and I'm totally okay with their views. I'm also fairly sure that this stuff [my life] that has been going on since a child bridges many worlds. Just google Ashtar Command Zendor and you'll have enough crap to keep you busy for weeks or years even.

The funny thing about first contact is we never really get a clear picture of what it will look like, eh? I'm not saying that to be critical of anything, simply acknowledging a fact. Now I have my suspicions that we're smack dab in the middle of it. Ashtar keeps talking about the Ground Crew. Who are they? Maybe family that is just waking up to the fact?

I've seen some pretty weird creatures in my time, on board and even when I gaze into the eyes of those without fear of exposure. Our family is huge, oops, I mean our Crew is huge, even if we don't have the same 'true' forms outside our current physical bodies. I mean, how else would a subtle introduction take place? We all become aware at the same time, and, like kids in a candy store, we often go a little crazy from the sugar for a bit.

Now, I did notice a little more opennes from folks attending the International UFO Congress in Phoenix recently. However, it wasn't a platform topic. It's still in the grapevine, although Crew members are beginning to really get comfortable with the possibility of being of what we might call 'mixed blood.' Farbeit that we consider the lineage being more natural as a process that has been going on for thousands of years.

When we, our planetary society, changed dramatically during the last galactic cycle we had the ability to ascend to the stars. Many of us remember that now. When we returned after some time, those that were left had lost the memory of their ancestors. Now, apparently, there seems to be a large-scale effort to reunite the families, but the folks just don't appear to be able to take to strangers just yet. They can't even get along with each other.

So, many of us have been awakened to serve humanity in an unprecedented way. It's time we begin to let others know our suspicions. That we just might be connected to a star family whose spiritual understanding has reached the point of conscious incarnation [volunteers or otherwise]. We only know each other by vibration, regardless of words, so maybe it's time we learned to articulate those suspicious behaviors better. I have that experience often now, but still long for crowds playing in the park together. Soooon

Mark has been a great mouthpiece for the decade and a half that I've been privy to his circle of communication. Things come to us from multiple sources and we linger in the common threads they evoke and stroke, strum or hum within us. I appreciate his tenacity and diligence throughout this time.