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~Dismantling The War Machine ~


      There is really no easy way for me to write this.  I write this paper for the ones that are suffering, mainly from Post Traumatic Stress, which I myself once suffered from.  However, there are Real solutions.  PTSD doesn’t have to plague you for the rest of your life.

      Most that know me, only know of my documented accounts of PTSD, due to my tour in Iraq.  However, I have suffered from this spiritual dis-ease since early childhood, from my earliest memories of varying types of abuse, as well as abandonment.  Abuse takes many forms, but to me, the worst form is abuse of Self, which is usually an extension of external abuse.  I also like to refer to it as Self-condemnation.  Those that control the masses know of this, and use it as a weapon of control.

      I will get to the Good news, but first, I have to expose the dirt.  The reason this may not be simple, is because I will be touching on concepts such as Conscious Technology, which begins to operate at the 5th dimensional level.  So, it might be hard to grasp for some that are currently caught up in 3rd dimensional illusion and dualistic thinking, and linear 4th dimensional time and space. 

      All of us are changing and elevating.  Some quicker than others, but All, nonetheless.  If any of this can trickle into your sleeping conscious and make its way to your Higher Self, then you are in a good position to begin to truly heal.

      Conscious technology comes directly from God; It comes from Source.  Higher dimensional beings, like angels and many benevolent deities, who’s soul purpose is the Will of God, educate, protect, and guide souls here on Earth for their individual evolution and the evolution of Humanity as a whole.  They try to teach us to avoid Fear, because those same fears will begin to manifest at an increased rate.  This is true with all thoughts, whether beneficial or destructive.

      If you feed fear, it will grow.  And thanks to all the current doomsday madness and propaganda, which is deliberately fed to the sleeping populous, who in turn, feed fear at a mass scale.

      Thoughts manifest reality, and the majority of thoughts from the 3rd dimensional collective conscious (unconscious) are fear based.  We created the world we live in.  Not the Elite.  They used our own ignorance against us.  So, who is really at fault here? Whatever you do, don’t go condemning yourself.  Awaken and realize that You Are The Solution! 

      I like to look at Earth as if She is a school ground.  And we are the students and the faculty.  The Elite are nothing more than a small gang of bullies.  You believe they have power, but their power is based on false and illusory systems (like the current monetary system) to further illusory material and wealth.

      We are entering the time of Truth, Light, and Love.  Illusion and darkness no longer have a place here.  So old illusory and corrupt systems will begin to collapse, because they have to.  They have no True foundation, therefore they will not last long.  Don’t let this alarm you.  This is a blessing.  We will rebuild new systems on solid foundations of truth and unity.  We will create the Heaven on Earth we have all been waiting and praying for.  NOT the Illuminati New World Order agenda.

      Know also, that I am part of No religion or world-made organization.  I speak and work for (and with) those that serve Humanity.  I do not like labels.  However, you could classify these writing as New Age.  But I assure you, there is nothing New about this knowledge.  It has just been hidden for some time.  Also, there is nothing New about me.  I just went through 26 years of training and trials, then I was activated...BLAMMO!  Service missions work this way.   

      So, now that the introduction is over, I will explain the War Machine. 

      The “bullies” of Our school have a nasty little habit called human sacrifice.  I remember reading two articles that included interviews with ex-Illuminati whistle blowers.  I have known about their sacrificial rituals for some time, but those articles were extremely disturbing, as one involved the abuse, slavery, and sacrifice of children (Honestly, I get really pissed off and sad thinking about it).  That was enough reading for me.  I already know how they operate, so I don’t need to read any more disturbing articles.  In a way, too much disturbing material blocks me from taking action.  It’s like watching the news (which I stopped watching 4 years ago).  You see, I need to keep myself in an elevated state of mind in order to truly help others.  That is why my soul is calling me to stay close to the higher realms and my higher guidance.

      The war machine is a monster.  It is crafty and it works in a cyclic fashion.  Lies fed to the population keep it in constant momentum.  It barely needs operators, because it operates and feeds itself with the blood of Our children, troops, families, and all the innocent.  It is unconsciousness at it’s worst.

      This constant cycle of death, destruction, and suffering is a way the Elite can carry out human sacrifice en masse, without getting their hands dirty.  We unknowingly do the dirty work for them.  It is very sad, because the only power they gain from this is purely illusory.  So, what it comes down to is, innocent souls suffering for no logical reason.  It is complete insanity.  It breaks all Natural and Cosmic laws, therefore, it Will be stopped, one way or another. 

      As we grow up in a system designed to keep us fearful and separate from each other, we are fed images of war; footage of war; rumors and talks of war; and an underlining theme that war is “cool” in some ways.  Uncle Sam targets the young with the image of the “war hero”.  The strong image of the soldier that is seemingly complete in all ways.  Most Veterans that return home really don’t like to be referred to as heroes.

      The widely accepted war hero image is false propaganda.  I know and dedicate my service to the real heroes.  Most are crippled, confined to wheel chairs, suffering from severe PTSD and being over-medicated.  Yet, they still fight so that they’re Brothers and Sisters won’t be treated corruptly by the same system that is supposed to take care of them.

      As far as being over-medicated, I can speak from own experience.  At one point, I was taking over 8 psychiatric meditations at one time (14 - 15, if you count the pain meds I was given for my injuries), in a closed and controlled environment.  The medication had me feeling completely lost.  I even lost my sanity a few times.  It worsened my post traumatic stress. 

      Many returning veterans commit suicide, or just completely give up, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.  The suicide rate are staggering.  Doing a search on “troop suicide rates” can give you some details.  Know that this is not by mistake.  The truth resonates within you.  When you listen to your heart, you know something is very, very “Off”.

      A few years ago it was discovered and documented (I’m trying to find those original documents.  I was “asleep” when I came across them, in I believe, 2009.) that every returning soldier that had filed a VA claim for benefits, But ended up committing suicide before receiving those benefits (which take from 6 months to a year/years... If you’re lucky), is classified in the VA system as a “successful case closed”.  We are classified this way, because it confirms that the individual no longer has a chance of taking from the National Treasury.  It might seem logical to some, but It is inhumane and heartless.  And even though, there are those working in the VA system to Truly help veterans, the ones on top pull the strings of all.  The good guys (the ones that want to help) in the VA can help you get your benefits, but when it comes down to it, those benefits wont cure the affliction of your soul. 

      The ones in supposed power know that returning troops are a threat to them and their corrupt systems, so it is important that the threat is eliminated.  This can be achieved by re-deployments (and the implanted urge to re-deploy voluntarily; achieved through media, training, group think etc.), suicide (I myself, came close to “suicide by cop” incidents), over-medication, and incarceration to name a few. 


      I have to take the moment to speak about the troops that get incarcerated for doing what they were trained to do.  Quite a few of My fellow Marines (that became my Brothers during training and during deployment) were charged and incarcerated, first, by the military, then later, by civilian law.  On top of this, a dishonorable discharge holds as much weight as a felony in the civilian world.  Imagine you and your unit are in danger (in some cases, you are under attack), you are scared, you are rage-ful because you don’t want to see your friends die.  You let off rounds.  Your actions are documented and set before a jury.  A lot of it depends on your Command and what your actual MOS is.  You get more leeway to kill if you are a grunt, but if you are a POG (personnel other than grunt), you have less defense when it comes to defending youself.

      We have to look at all sides of the coin here.  There were killings that occurred just out of the acquired “blood lust” or thirst to kill another.  I wanted to kill for a long time, but at the same time, I really wanted to die.

      To the elite, this is damage control.  In order to push “their”  new world agenda, all possible threats must be eliminated.  Combatants as well as innocent men, women, and children.  God forbid, one of these children were to survive and still have the strength and ability to expose their experience of war from their own perspective.  Imagine how much their voices can affect the world.  They, combined, would have the ability to awaken the sleeping combatants and the sleeping populous to the Truth.  We all know, our media would never allow it. 

      When I was in Iraq in 2006, the majority of us couldn’t stand Bush.  And even a greater majority of us felt we were there for all the wrong reasons.  Every troops main objective is to protect each other.  That’s really what it comes down to on the unit level.  We focus on protecting one another, and we block out the hidden agenda.  In the war-zone, our minds are geared on survival.  Everything else is secondary, because secondary thoughts can get you and your unit killed. 

      I have to break for a moment to remind you that life is a learning experience.  When you learn and attain knowledge, you grow.  When you grow, you rise above.  And when you rise above, you can see the bigger picture, and realize that you have the power and ability to change it.  At this point, you can’t help but to want to try your hardest to make the world the heaven it is intended to be. 

      Now, I must also say that you have troops with amazing hearts out there.  It takes a good heart to be a good warrior.  Many gave their lives to help save the innocent that were caught in the crossfire.  We don’t see many of these stories in the news, do we? 

      All soldiers care about those children, because all soldiers are human.  There is an unbreakable bond that is felt, no matter how hard you try to cover it up or pretend it’s not there.  When we witness children get killed out there, we witness our own children being killed.  Even if we never had children to begin with. 

      I recall developing the war addiction.  Even though I wanted to kill, I never got a chance to.  Today, I am grateful I didn’t have to kill.  I guess it wasn’t meant for me in this lifetime.  But back then, the war had grown on me and I took a liking to the destruction.  I even enjoyed getting attacked.  Luckily no one in my unit was killed during that deployment.  It was weird, however, because snipers out there were good shots.  I’m surprised none of us got hit.

      I remember trying desperately to go on extremely dangerous missions.  I broke the high chain of command a few times (even jumping the gun to ask for a recommendation from a 3 star general) to try to accomplish this.  It never worked out.  I was also going to switch my MOS from Field Wireman to E.O.D. (explosives ordinance disposal...disarming bombs), but something kept me from following through.  If I didn’t get other than honorably discharges, I would have definitely followed through.  I remember the atmosphere, and the atmosphere reminded me of hell. 

      The Kill Switch 

      The Marine Corps implants a mental kill switch into young Marines, but they never teach them how to turn the switch off.

      I am not knocking the Marine Corps, because I met some of the greatest leaders and comrades, and I was taught a lot of good.  Such as, the self discipline and respect for self and others.  The focus was mainly left brained, with emphasis on the physical and the mental, but lacking in spirituality.  The spirituality came from the connection between troops, and the laughter and comradary.

      However, the kill switch is a problem.  It is part of what makes troops feel the need to continually return to war, until they die or their souls can no longer bear anymore senseless carnage.  They, then, return “home” only to discover an artificial society of followers of material things.  The subconscious processes this information as a conflict of realities.  They notice the common trends, such as, the franchising of US occupied countries.  Why are we destroying lives, countries, and cultures, and then, helping them rebuild by government and corporate standards?  Standards that benefit the elite monetary system.

      This can further confuse and enrage the soldier/service member.  If the same soldier lacks a higher spiritual understanding of “what Is”, then this can create an inner void.  You can relate this to Daath in the Tree of Life.  It is at this “void”, where the soul can either liberate or consume itself.  But it is hard to achieve liberation since much knowledge is deliberately hidden and/or altered.  The intended result is for the soul to become lost in the void.  This is how the elite use occult and esoteric knowledge against us.  They keep us blind in secrecy so that we never attain True peace and balance of Our multi-dimensional Selves.

      The void leads to an extreme disconnection from the world they thought they once knew and were once a part of.  This disconnection leads to depression.  This depression may lead to suicide, homicide, drug addiction, and complete mental and spiritual collapse.

      Self condemnation also has a large part to play in this, and it is the main ingredient for suicidal ideation.  This stems from self-implanted (an co-implanted) feelings of grief, remorse, and regret.  I say “co-implanted” because the elite set the stage and the playing field (the machine).  And I say “self-implanted” because we feed into the machine.  The machine can only affect you if You Feed into It!

      This is not a glitch in the matrix.  This is deliberate mind control and slavery, at it’s worst. 

Furthermore, the disconnection and depression I spoke of, will often lead the soldier to volunteerily to the war-zone, where he or she feels understood by his/her peers and feels “safe”.  Another form of false security, which is insecurity. 

      So, the cycle continues this way.  It is all about taking as many lives as possible;  gaining as much material wealth and power as possible; more successful cases closed; more damage control.  All in the name of Nothingness.  The elite’s chase for illusion is also a race against time.  Their time!

      The extremely unconscious lead the unconscious to death, and the unconscious unknowingly feed the extremely unconscious.  This is much worse than the blind leading the blind.  This is more like, the deaf, dumb and blind leading the blind. 

      All this doesn’t just apply to the US government, because the Illuminati is playing all sides.  So, we all drop bombs, hate and kill each other, only to kill Our Selves in the end. 

      But this is not the end of the world.  This is an opportunity for you to wake up and become the amazing person you were meant to be.  You will wake up and understand that you have no limits.  Now, we move onto the Good News. 

      Are You Ready To Heal? 

      See, You are a Divine Being that Is closer to God than you may even know.  You are so much stronger than the ones that try to control you.  They can try but they cannot succeed.  You have the capacity to ascend to Higher dimensions, and you will.  The Truth is, you already have.  You came from the Higher Realms to experience Life in Physicality. 

      You knew, before you came here that you would experience a level of conflict.  Learning to resolve those conflicts creates growth and evolution.  This world is at it’s pinnacle of conflict.  A conflict that Will be resolved because it is part of Divine Plan.  Things were a little behind schedule, but the wait (weight) is over.  You evolve when the Ego willingly submits to the Higher Self.  This is the same way the darkness must submit to the Light.  This is what is occurring, and what will occur.

      At this time, Your Higher Self is trying to make contact with you, so you can come out of your slumber and reclaim your divinity.

      The ones that control you, do not have the ability to ascend as you do.  They are 4th dimensional beings and below.  They could ascend if they chose to change their ways but I guess it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks (even though I don’t like using the term “tricks”, but you get the point).  Their antics of control over the centuries denies them access to the Higher Realms.

      There is a major misconception of what Hell is.  These are the Lower Realms of self torment.  Self-condemnation will get you there quicker and easier than anything else will.  You stay there for as long as you keep yourself there.  It is not permanent.  Once again, the power is in your hands.

      The elite have ties with many lower dimensional beings.  This is who they make their sacrifices to.  So who or what’s running the show? 

      The answer is really irrelevant because, you have the power to simply “tune-out”  of the lower frequencies.  As a matter of fact, you can tune out or tune into whichever frequency you so choose.  That’s part of the beauty of being multi-dimensional. Begin to look past the limitations of the five senses. 

      To begin to heal, you must first break out of the misery frequency, the victim frequency, and the judgmental frequency to name a few.  You have help available in the Higher Realms that are also with you as non-physical beings.  If you Truly ask for help, you will receive.  But be careful what you wish for.  Ask for help with clear thoughts and intentions.  You have a pure heart and only a pure heart can enter The Kingdom.  The Kingdom is Within You! 

      I would like to suggest that you pick up the book “The Power of Now”, by Eckhart Tolle.  I like to call him a Master of The Moment.  By staying in the Present moment, you will be unaffected by any kind of negative thoughts and/or forces, as well as attacks by the Ego.  Negative (lower vibratory) forces and thoughts/thought forms also have the ability to negatively influence the ego.  But by staying in the Present, you deny access to any of these negatives. 

      Know that you are in abundance and in complete control of your life.  Know that you are connected to All and you are an infinite being with infinite possibilities. 

      The War Machine can only operate if you allow it to.  In order to end it’s cycle of self-destruction, you must first end The War Within your self.  By ending the war within, We have the power to end All wars.

      Imagine for a moment, the killing stops; the corrupt ones lose their power and all their corrupt systems collapse; Our children live and grow to be the master souls that they are, and can come together, in the near future, to implement systems based on Unity Consciousness that provide abundance for the world.

      We get to live, once more, in Peace and at-one-ment with Nature and God.  This is Our return to Eden.  This is the 5th Dimensional Leap.

      Many of us have already been activated to our 5th dimensional selves (Our True Selves) so that we can bring our messages to the world in our own individual ways to bring about Heaven on Earth, as it has been written.  There is no stopping this.

      At this point, you have the choice to be part of the solution or the problem.  Hopefully, after reading this, you already chose the former.  I chose my side, and will continue to walk my path, in my truth and Our truth.   

      So now let’s say, “Wonderful!”  You chose to be part of the solution but, even better, You Are The Solution!  Now it’s time to begin working on yourself.  Start tapering off a bit on chasing physicality and take a little time to connect within.  I myself, need to practice what I preach and continue to go further inward to explore vast worlds of opportunity, learning, and peace.  Also try to connect with Nature and take in the rays of the Sun.  Life and information travel through Light.  This is why I love the Sun and the energy I receive from it.  But follow what feels right to you.  You must stop trying to force things and allow them to flow naturally, while holding the Knowing that everything will work out in your favor.

      Choose your thoughts wisely.  Everything begins on the level of thought.  Thought forms are created and given power in the 4th Dimension.  The more power you give them, the more they grow.  So feed love, and not fear.  By practicing this, you can open gateways to the heavens, even at will.  It is important that you monitor your thoughts because as they are created, they must be manifested in physicality without exception.  And some of you may be already noticing many of your thoughts are manifesting a lot quicker than they used to.  This will only speed up as we come closer to the equinox. 

      This also includes your true intentions.  There really are no secrets in the Universe.  There is no place to hide.  If you hold ill-intent in your heart please do your best to resolve this as soon as possible.  You will be forced to face your selves in the mirror of your existence.  What I’m saying is, release those skeletons before they come after you.  Set those skeletons free and forgive them, and forgive yourself.  You were never forsaken.  All your sins are self inflicted.  You are not being punished.  You are only punishing your selves.  When you realize this, you can begin to put down your cross. 

      As you begin to ground yourself, you become an anchor for others.  We are all energy derived from Source, so by grounding your energy and building that energy as you awaken, others around you will pick up the frequency and begin to awaken as well.  We are all Unique, but at the same time we are One because we are Divine expressions of God.  Divine fragments of consciousness.  We live in a fractal system and we are part of that fractal.  But we all have really cool personalities and gifts once we tap into our true nature.  We are a lot cooler than many of us think we are.  Existence is so much cooler than we currently think it is.  The “coolness” I speak of (or warmness, is you like) is separate from the lower self and ego.  It is all encompassing knowledge, joy, love, and the power of will.  It emanates from your higher self, which has no limitations. 

      Please note, that this will not make us a society of robots and drones.  This, is exactly what we need to avoid.  We are already drones, hiding within our bodies.  Wake up and break out of your own prison.

      Stop worrying about what others may think.  If they don’t appreciate or respect who you Truly are, it is because they are condemning themselves on some level.  Eventually, they too will have to wake up and face truth. 

      “So forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Stick to Your Truth, stay in the Present, and rise Above! 

      I am not your leader.  I am nobodies leader.  I only lead myself, but it is God, through my Higher Self leading me.  I am taking full responsibility for my life and the changes I Am creating.  Let go of the illusion of separatism, and Lead. 

Conscious Technology 

      We cannot see the air we breathe, but we know it is very real, and that we cannot live without it.  Conscious technology is like the air we breathe.  Just because we can’t see it (with physical eyes), doesn’t mean it is not real.  Conscious technology requires you to use more of the right side of your brain.  By practicing use of the right brain, you create a balance between both halves.  When both halves become in sync, logic works in harmony with creativity and imagination.  It opens up your inner knowing, and your reality begins to manifest out of synchronicity.  It all begins from within.

      Conscious technology is Spiritual and Light technology.  This is some of the technology that was used in Atlantis and other ancient civilizations.  This technology is channeled through God, directly from the Source of All.  It funnels down from the higher dimensions, directly into the Self realized individual.  If accessed ad used wholeheartedly, it makes “miracles” a reality.  I have only begun experimenting, but have witnessed many “small miracles” so far.

      You access the technology through the power of will and the complete control and direction of thought.  These aren’t the only means.  I believe it is time for the scientific community to really start putting the use of sound and light, to good use.  In the near future, I will do my best to explain the astounding relationship between sound, light, and vibration.  These have been scientifically measured.  At the least, I will link to videos on my YouTube page.

      These things can be used to channel the higher dimensional technology into our current dimension.  The effects are literally felt, and take you into higher levels of consciousness.  Losing yourself in music is a great example.  Surrendering to the Moment. 

      As I said earlier, higher dimensional access is in the present moment.  The present moment does not recognize time, and time is 4th dimensional.  Hopefully, you can recognize the connection here.

      There are 7 color rays in the visible spectrum.  There are also 7 higher dimensional rays of light, which are the same colors.  Light carries information.  Astronomers gather details about the distant cosmos by measuring light, using proven scientific techniques and instruments.

      The 7 higher rays also carry information specific to each color.  These rays also vibrate at higher dimensional frequencies.  When used properly, they allow for the technology we once forgot about.  Since these rays vibrate at such high rates, and carry encoded information (which your DNA picks up), they have the power to raise your vibration to harmonize with the ray.  Their uses and possibilities for transformation are limitless.  This is all part of Universal Alchemy. 

      My favorite “technology” is what is referred to as The Violet Flame.  The flame has been used for centuries, but the knowledge was only recently released to the world by the Ascended Master, Saint Germain.  I write from experience, and I personally had the privilege of experiencing the, almost unbelievable, transformational power of this flame.  It completely changed my life.  The funny thing is, I never even asked for it, or figured out what the phenomenon was until months later.  I have to say, that sometimes I feel undeserving to have received such a gift.  So now, part of my life mission is to find an easy way to give it back (or pay it forward).

      The Violet Flame has the power to transmute and end all past pain and karma.  And what’s so cool about it, is the fact that it does this instantly.  Instantly, you are given a clean slate to live again.  All pain, fear, insecurities, and even haunting memories, erased in an instant.  All those lower dimensional negative emotions, that were implanted to keep you in a sad state, to be easily controlled...removed in an instant.  Is it any wonder, now, why many saints were hunted down and murdered for trying to share this information to help free their brothers and sisters?

      The flame must be respected and comes with a responsibility to self.  It can remove the pain, but it doesn’t mean you can’t pile it back on.  However, it gives you a higher understanding and opens your awareness to the higher realms and dimensions.  Your newly attained inner knowing allows you to stay on track with your purpose, well-being, and what is right for you. 

      There is an endless abundance of opportunity through conscious technology ( the technology of the soul).  This is the Light magic of the heavens, and it is available to every single one of us.  Find that balance, and begin to utilize your logic, creativity, and imagination in unison.  I have only just awoken recently, so I still have to much to learn, or re-member.  But it is all happening very quickly.  I have many more topics to touch on.  Just remember to find Your own Truth, and that Your Truth is also Our Truth. 

      Blessings to You All 

      Unite and Empower



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I have just read what you have put together, and would like to thank you very much for your words of encouragement, I feel this has helped me a great deal, once again thank you :)

Karen x


Thank You Karen

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I am sorry I didn't reply sooner, as some things are happening very fast, and I haven't kept up in the past few days.  So I need to apologize for my delay and Thank You for reaching out.  IF you ever need anything from me, please feel free to message me.



Thank you

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I really like your blog. The things you said and they way you said them makes me understand myself a little bit more.