~Dissolving the “invisible” anchor of the old 3d earth~

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I have blogged previously about “anchors” and how these work to anchor your energy into a particular “place” or “dimension” in which you exist.  Like the physical anchor of a boat, the anchoring of your energy will see movement in your outer waking life but only as far as the length of rope that is attached to the anchor. You will in essence never drift very far from where you have “anchored” your “boat” which is your human vehicle. At this time upon planet earth the energies are heightening and expanding in order that you dissolve fully ALL anchors that have kept you energetically TIED to a dimensional timeline.

There is one “invisible” anchor that is stronger than any other in this your human life experience and at this moment the old 3d earth created reality may be attempting to blind you further to it.  For you were BORN INTO the old 3d earth created reality and as such there is an “anchor” point that you have been TAUGHT to place in THIS dimensional timeline which seeks to keep you within the bandwidth of the old 3d earth created reality.  The universe and YOUr SOUL will send you various symbols and signs in order to help highlight that which is on the very edge of your vision.  For me it has been the symbol of “DEATH”, this has come up over and over again for me the past few linear days and especially in relation to GRIEF.   It is to be remembered that you cannot take any of the old 3d earth into the New Earth and that this transition is similar to the process of DEATH in that you will go through the various stages of grieving BUT you are retaining your human vehicle.

This is of course very confusing for the human logical mind which will try to TEACH that you cannot grieve for SELF for you are still alive.  LOGICALLY this makes no sense but you are in TRANSITION, the transition from the old 3d earth created reality previously  always involved a physical death. You were born, you lived in the old 3d earth created reality and then you died, returning back to SOUL and then re-incarnating once more. THIS TIME and in this TIMELINE you are dying AND being reborn into a new reality, a new dimensional space but KEEPING your human vehicle, an energetic transition whilst still being conscious of being alive on this planet.

At this moment there may be people around you who are at a loss of how to interact with you, they may actually state that they do not recognise you or that you have changed so much they no longer recognise you. For your human vehicle will take the same form as the one that you birthed into in order to birth onto the planet earth but ENERGETICALLY you are shifting, moving and expanding. Again this is highly confusing to the human logical mind and your own human logical mind may at this time be trying to teach you to filter out where in this process you are. For in order to move fully into the New Earth you have to ACCEPT your death in the old 3d earth created reality. You have to accept that the life you came ORIGINALLY to live within the old 3d earth created reality is now OVER, it has dissolved and you are NO LONGER the same person.


Until you can illuminate this movement and this energetic release you will still be anchored deep within the old 3d earth created reality for the anchor will seek to pull you BACK INTO the old 3d earth created reality. You may find yourself self sabotaging in your waking life and be at a loss as to why you are doing this. This behaviour shows that the “old” version of you, the old 3d earth version that birthed onto this planet is still trying to exist within the human vehicle into which you are now transforming energetically. You may find that you move between dimensional realities and that sometimes you are able to hold the higher dimensional realities and at other times you are triggered and revert back to old 3d earth behaviours.

At this time you are asked to reach out to the New Earth and YOUr SOUL and ask to be shown that which is anchoring you into the old 3d earth, that which is anchoring you into the “old” karmic lifetime that you are now dissolving in order to move fully into the New Earth, for you can dissolve layers and layers of lower dimensional frequencies but you also need to dissolve the anchor in order for the physical movement to occur into the physical manifestation of the New Earth reality that YOU are manifesting with the guidance of your SOUL at this moment.



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this is kinda deep

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I was pondering this. Can certain particular relatives be anchor points for entire families? Are they the ones that need to be let go of? Or is it our ties/attachments to them that are doing it (holding the 3d reality)?

thank you

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I found such a new depth to this tonight. EVERYTHING is an anchor, or can be. WE must let go of all attachments, the good, the bad and the ugly.  It's easy to forget as we go along in our 'normal' everyday lives, BUT it's so important to be aware in each and every moment that things, US, are NOT the same, nothing is what it was and we should be ready to be fluid and see with new eyes at all times. :)   Detach detach detach,  love love love, and let go let go let go.  :) 

And Neralicious, it is my belief that our families are (that is, can be) our 'anchors,' as how many of our families have a clue of what is going on?? none of mine! lol     So, that being said, I believe it is all the emotional buttons they have such ease of control over with us, THAT is what we must detach from. Don't try to change them or their attitudes, unless of course they are OPEN to a real discussion, (ha ha) but merely  detach, love, and let them walk their own path. KNOW in your heart what you know and let the rest go. Just BE LOVE.  <3