The Ears That Light Up <3

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For those of you who live in the Southern California region, and for those of you who have made a visit there recently, this blog post is going to make a lot of sense. If not, I am going to have to ask you for your patience in advance: a lot of what I am going to be writing about shall be written in a way so as not to trip up the 'internet flags' that would activate the 'radar' of a certain place that is the number one employer in all of Orange County. Onwards and upwards with the story...  : )

I finally bought one of those wonderful hats, you know, the ones that are synchronized to the water show with the fountains and all the lights that is hard to get to see. (There are limited spaces for standing to watch it, and one must obtain tickets one way or another--there are several ways to get 'reservations' at the park).

As I watched all the little ears dancing with color in synchronicity to the colorful show, blinking in time to the music, I thought of how nice they are to demonstrate the Ascension Process to the visual people out there...

There is a 'Source' for the hats. It sends out a 'signal' that you can't see or hear or taste or touch or smell. But the 'ears' can pick it up, and go along with the 'signal' for 'the show'. The ears are available to anybody that wants them--they are stacked up way high on the shelves in the retail stores in the park, and also on little carts where there is generally anything available for purchase that is cute and lights up.  So as you walk through the park at night, some of the  'guests' are synchronized to 'Source' with their 'little ears on their heads' and others are not.

It is a beautiful thing to see them all together in the audience for the show, lighting and blinking in a sea of 'ears that light up'.

Source is 'source'. Auras are the 'ears'. Raising your vibration is 'buying the hat'. Being absolutely adorable in them, and delighted to wear 'the ears that light up' is going to make one fashion trend sure to happen! There is only one way to go and this is terrific!