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New Moon of Sagittarius conjunct Galactic Center 

The recent acknowledgements of the interest and involvement of the U. S. military with ET craft have opened the public consciousness to the realities of the ET life and its association with the life of this planet and its inhabitants. 

This new public awareness is an historic development, and is also an opportunity for the public participation in ET life as a new dimension of human life. 
The ongoing process of planetary ascension is inclusive of the development of Planetary/Universal Ascended SpaceLife and the New EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife Masters of Creation of the new EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife Civilization.
As the development of Planetary/Universal Ascended SpaceLife continues, it is a natural development to have many people attain their ascended spacelife mastery, and their functions as planetary/universal ascended spacelife masters of creation and civilization. This is the expected development. 
To then become human life members of the universal spacelife is a major development within the life of the universe.  Most ET spacelife is of nonhuman nature and is evolving according to its own nature. 
The participation of Earth's human life in the universal ascended space life is a major development which is now available and about to be integrated into the planetary universal life system of the Earth. 
This is the beginning of the New EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife and its ascended spacelife creation and civilization. This will advance the evolution of the spacelife and its human and nonhuman members. 
The New EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife is the Avatar SpaceLife which is the destined ascended spacelife of the Avatar Universe which is now becoming the fundamental spacelife of the entire universe.
This is the  destined universal ascended spacelife which is now becoming empowered to give its Avatar Creation SpaceLife Forces to the evolution of all spacelife. 
As this process continues, it is opening the planetary/universal spacelife to the participation of the New Earth Star Ascended Masters of Creation and Civilization in the creation of the New Earth Ascended Spacelife Creation and Civilization. 

EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife and other spacelife


The many higher dimensional spacelife members that are now assisting this planet are also looking for those who are able to work with them as representatives of this planet to begin to facilitate the ongoing and evolving relationships with each other, and to become the intermediaries of these relationships.


Some of these higher dimensional spacelife groups are holding specific forces to be introduced to this planet as uplifting forces to facilitate the ongoing planetary ascension, and to begin the process of direct ET interaction with people here.


These ETs are already aware of much of the developments and activities here, and are prepared to work with people who are able to work with them.


The recent developments here of public awareness of military study of ET craft has made possible greater ET interactions with people who are wanting to interact with them and become representatives of this planet with them.


The most important factor for people who want to interact with ETs is the awareness of the new destiny of this planet. This includes the knowledge of the New EarthStar and its ascended spacelife development.


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The EarthStarNation is now beginning to be created by the starseeds of this planet, and to become the ascending master community which is co-creating this planet's Universal Living Creation Civilization.

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