~The Emerging New Energy Body Within~

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I have been working with the inner and outer energy body for close to 10 years. The energy body itself became really enhanced in my field of vision as I incorporated massage into my approach at working with the energy body, this was 6 years ago.

My approach to understanding the individual energy body goes like this:

I place my hands on your head and do a very gentle massage of the head area. In this massage I am pulsing light out of the tips of my fingers into the neurons of the brain, sending out a signal to the whole body that we are getting ready for some intense Light work and be ready to release what no longer serves the person I am reading for (yes, I can do this just as easily in a phone reading as I can on the massage table). I am sure to open up the crown chakra to ensure the inflow and outflow of energy. This is where the first of the visuals start to emerge around the client. The energy body will show us what is trying to leave the person life, what may be working it way toward the clients life... if there are any major (life changing) doorways coming up... who and what may be adversely affecting the person (including and especially their own thoughts. Yes I can hear the amplified thought and feeling field of the client.

When I am done reading the outer energy body (the full field of energy that exists around every client) I then simply place the palm of my hand on the open crown of the client and start to bring in the higher fields of energy down into what I call the core energy system within the body. It has always shown itself to me like an etheric tube that runs from the brain stem all the way down to the groin area. It reminds me of a garden hose, except etheric but clearly visible to my inner vision. For those who are in good mental and emotional health, this tube radiates a brilliancy of subtle variations of color. For those who are not in health, often times black, clogged, etc.

There are two points within this core energy stream running down the center of the body where other core energy "tubes" intersect. One is at the heart, running just under the shoulder blades, down each arm and out the palms and finger tips. The other, just around the lumbar section of the lower spine going down each leg and out the souls of the feet. I read both these areas separately once the massage is started.

For many years, the reading was the same... stop at the throat chakra to gather whatever information the client needed in relation to their self expression, down to the heart chakra to sift thru the emotional field, off to the solar plexus to see and feel the incoming flow of solar (soul-ar) energy and how they are or are not receiving it. Then down to the sacral ckakra which helps the client really understand how they see themselves in relation to the world around them.

About 2-3 years ago, a new chakra started to emerge within some of the clients core energy. It was/is located in between the solar plexus and sacral chakra areas. I started to simply refer to this chakra as the sacral plexus as it held the potential of both the sacral and solar plexus energy together. I also see it as a blending of both the orange and yellow color vibrations associated with each of the chakras.

Not everyone I see has a energetically connected sacral plexus. By that I mean, very few people have put enough energy into this aspect of themselves for it to activate itself and start connecting to the grid of life in full vibration. I also started to understand that the prominence of this "new" chakra was in relation to people who "served others" by divine will in their game of life. I started to understand that this chakra was activated in what we may call Lightworkers. What I find interesting, those who are on my table referring to themselves as light workers, do not have this chakra activated... and yet, those who have no clue what a Lightworker is, highly vibrant. To be clear, this chakra is activated when you move out of egoic will and into Divine will. It vibrates at the informaiton rate that the focus of your life is spiritual not mundane centered. At least that is how I have learned to read it for my clients.

We can fool ourselves... but not the energy body of our cellular structure.

About 2 years ago, another energy center started to emerge in my connections. It is in the high heart area. Altho this area is very much a part of the heart chakra, I see it separately and very differently than any of the other chakras. Instead of being "funnel like" this high heart chakra is cylinder like. It is equally not a gentle inflow and outflow of energy, instead, in its fully working state (which I have not seen yet... but spirit shows me how it should look) it should have a concentrated stream of energy flowing outwards. This energy is a beautiful pink and is in relation to living your passion. Not just any passion... the passion of the soul.

The most recent addition to our energy body I am still trying to fully understand. It started emerging during the intense light times of June 2011. The way I see it, it is a direct line from the Pineal Gland to the throat chakra. Up until last month, the energy flow within the brain was (more or less) like a wind tunnel. Most peoples flow blocked by brain chatter.

However, now there seems to be the emergence of a direct line of communication from the very light center in the brain (penial gland) to the self expression center (throat chakra) of the person. Altho I see this etheric tube emerging, it still has gaps (at least in the clients I have seen) from full connection to the pineal and most people are so clogged at the throat... but it is appearing. Again, not in everyone. It will be interesting to see how this affects our human life.

It will be so magnificent to see how we work when every ounce of our energy fields are fully activated and in use (which of course, is our own individual responsibility to develop.)

I would love, love, love to hear from other people who work directly with the energy body, what have you been seeing and understanding??

We are all in this life together... lets help each other along the way of understanding and full use of our greatest potential!

With deep love and excitement,

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. To fully understand how I do my connections click here: www.mysoulcenter.com/handsoflight.html