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we aren’t nurtured in preschool about our natural potential to read the conscious energy of creation, ourselves, and of all life, on and off this planet. Beings (not only human, but also the plant realm, the animal realm, the thought realm, the body hologram realm, the soul body realm, the elemental realm , the realm where higher vibrational beings reside, and the realm of lower vibrational beings reside) both realms of higher and lower vibrational sets of consciousness (awareness) reside on the same level, its just that those vibrating in lower awareness, cannot see you for who you are, they can only see that which the ego projects everywhere, and uses that which is stored in the mind, as to what they know about you , and others.

The higher vibrating consciousness level, is one where you are able to see what i just pointed out, because you yourself experience that, even after the ego mind is gone, we will still have the memory of all our past experiences living within us, for no energy is destroyed, only transformed and re-used forever. this equation that supports the flow of creation which is a law and it’s non negotiable even when you negotiate it, it will always stand. The higher vibrating level of conscious awareness is the complete opposite of the lower and the energy contained therein is a support basin, for where this planet is going, where other planets are, and others are also going, and where all inevitably end up experiencing life in and on, and is that which assists you += all in living ethical lives for all eternity.

we’re also not nurtured in our natural ability to draw forth conscious awareness from within ourselves, which involves the entire drawing forth of the soul into the body hologram , which in turn integrates more of who we are into our body holograms.

we’re also not nurtured that from knowing about this ability and how to use it properly, one is easily able to and supported by everyone’s soul, to live an ethical lifestyle, which is ultimately the most uplifting and fulfilling path there is to live.

we’re also not nurtured again in the education system, (not the outside the box education system) which both are still interdependent of one another, and exist side by side everywhere you go, but that again we’re not nurtured in preschool and throughout the academic system, how to not only apply what I’ve spoken of above, but how it applies to proper meditation either.

in the society that’s gradually crumbling and being rebuilt simultaneously, meditation has the connotation of sitting with your back a certain way and with your tongue a certain way, and what always follows suit from that ritual, is all the habit’s you once adorned unto yourself and others, also change. I’m not saying that this doesn’t happen, because it does, and I’m not saying its not necessary, because it is, and it also stems to creative thought ,the discovery and use of ones imagination, (fantasy), and the discovery and exploration of potential manifestations in the physical manifest realm, but it also includes self delusion, superiority, identification with ego, from that always stems fear, pain (resistance to the love you +=all are) and having a chip on one’s shoulder in regards to all that is about all that is.

Proper meditation, is one that involves the consistent choice to choose to discipline yourself, and others simultaneously, even when its an already advanced enlightened being, doesn’t matter, if you don’t re-heart an enlightened being consistently, they go into self delusion and don’t realize it until it becomes completely obvious to them in which case the all is right there with them pointing it out simultaneously ( that’s what it’s like to live in a cave or be in your bedroom, or whatever location you’re currently in that doesn’t have another body like yours, directly next to you “this is called being alone or by yourself with the all” .) they’ll also unknowingly go unconscious, and just go about their day not realizing that they’re unconscious until after they’ve realized it, in which the all is again pointing that out to them also.

so from the consistent decision to discipline one self regardless of how it feels, and how it looks, is one part of proper meditation. from this core choice, arises other feelings that when one is willingly disciplining themselves, are acknowledged and integrated into the experience of being present in the physical manifest realm.

proper meditation also does involve taking care of yourself the best way you can after you have learned about behaviors that you act upon, that ultimately do not serve for your own benefit. I’m not saying smoke or don’t smoke, drink or don’t drink, eat or don’t eat,sleep or don’t(if you can). I’m saying if you’re going to go choose those choices, choosing those items that you currently feel will bring you joy, is good, but in excess isn’t, and I know that there are beings on this planet, who hear this inside themselves often from their own excessive behaviors, and keep at it, whether they’re consciously aware of whats motivating them to act upon these decisions, or not, they are still taking great measure to appear like they don’t care, when in fact they care so much that they refuse to go without it, and from this, are repelled by others who are in higher vibrational frequencies of reality or aren’t, but continue to express and live out the same habits in the public eye for shits and giggles, or because they’re addicted to them, and when it’s an addiction, its psychological and a misunderstanding of the self and is a deluded reality. When it’s not out of addiction, and appears to be like an addiction, it’s acted upon because the being is actively choosing to play the game of life, and meet the challenge that resides within the core of the game of life. Those who identify with the ego are repelled by the genuine love of others, and at the same time desire it, this is the root of all the caring and not caring, desire and non desire , the insanity, the sickness, that exists in the core of the ego mind. with that one acknowledgement within the being, and further investigation into the all the examples of the insanity that is the ego mind you will see that it mimics the essence of the love we are, and in this you can see all the equal and opposite responses and reactions that exist on this planet. The way it looks varies, hence “all the equal and opposite’s”. Those beings who do not know whats going on and have yet bothered to seek into why its going on, are unconscious tricksters(even when they appear that they’re conscious for a moment and then appear to not be conscious of what is motivating them, it’s because that is how it is, even if you see their spark within them, and them being aware of this, ultimately they’re not aware of this taking place at all, even when they’re soul will come through and share some truth with you, they’re not aware of it at all. These beings can only be trusted to be tricksters, if you hang out with them, you have to maintain a constant vigil and even when you’re just aware of them being on this planet, you still have to keep a constant vigil, but worry not about keeping the vigil, creation is that which gives us the consistent will-full ability to remain aware of what we’re going through.This is why love nurtured you to be self aware, and to question authority, to seek the truth, for the truth sets you free.

so from the unconditional willingness to discipline the self, you may or may not sit upright with your tongue in a certain way, in fact I recommend it for the most part, it helps with breathing and allows you to simply be and remain alert,aware,focused about what you’re experiencing and what others are going through.  When I say for the most part I speak of the moments when you eat, drink, sleep, talk gargle, brush your teeth, and all those activities that require movement of your tongue and the other parts of your body. essentially all movement that you experience, requires all moments of all parts of the body, the whole, and everyone else simultaneously. your desires are going to wax and wane, this is natural.

the ego mind does not truly enjoy discipline , and the soul does. discipline uplifts us,assists us in ascending in vibration, it also drives the ego mind’s insane sickness out of dormancy,along with the pain body, and the thought body, and all other bodies that exist throughout creation. when a being identifies themselves with the insanity and the pain body, and doesn’t have creation nurturing them to investigate their experience, but to run with it, and seek out a means to get rid of those feelings, instead of investigating why they have those feelings taking place within them, but to seek out a means to an end with the insanity of the ego mind , and the fear that comes along with it from you identifying with the love you are and with it’s fear not being of your essence, but being with your essence, it gets really pissed off, violent ,serious, shows its superiority, condescension, and tries to get rid of you, and all others like you forever, including creation itself, and tries to drive you to act out its insanity , by attempting to get you to not trust yourself, (this doesn’t mean you cant ask yourself questions or any one else for that matter) *the ego mind’s nature is one of complete and utter contradiction.* a shape shifter in every way. we also shift, but not exactly the same way the ego mind does. similiar and uniquely equal , and the same as everyone else’s ego mind, but it is not who we are at all period, that’s a non negotiable fact, that you can negotiate all you want, which will help you discover that its a non-negotiable fact.

what helps with being aware of your essence, and where your essence resides in ( the body hologram) is practicing whenever you are able to, applying the backwards step. Inquiring into that which is motivating you, to keep moving forward, and keep choosing those choices. This not only helps you in the consistent choice of being present within your body hologram, and your essence (shared equally with the all and back to you) this also helps you with disciplining yourself, and rolling with the changes that take place daily, in turn helps you with learning about the love you are, growing (the continual arising of your innate intelligence and the irreversable nature of the truth as it is, both of you, and the all)and expanding ( the integration of of the truth, which is never ending, and the experience of creation expressing your awareness through you, with itself = all.

Daily inquires into the self and that which motivates us, assists us in our inner work. Which is what living the enlightened life is all about, It’s what brings a being into becoming self realized, and the never ending process of self realizing. When your experience if of a consistent “got it and lost it” or non abiding awakening, the experience of self inquiry, appears futile, but it ultimately isnt, if that one experience is futile, then that negate’s all creation period. The non abiding simply is what i just said, however, within the core of your being resides all of that knowledge of what you’ve been through thus far , and you are instinctively driven, to keep going, no matter what happens, because within you is the knowledge that you will awaken at some point, at some point its going to change.

I cannot currently give away all the knowledge that’s been “kept” from humanity, If i was currently able to, i would, because that’s my love for myself and the all. None of the knowledge is truly hidden, or secret. It just take’s time to integrate all that ” hidden, secret knowledge. Time is real,time exists, even in eternity, we still deal with time, the way we deal with the experience of time and change, is by going through inevitabilities that reside in the physical unmanifest - to be manifested realm. We call this working with the inevitable, in between each inevitable is a window of oppourtunity, during these experiences of being inside a window of oppourtunity, we get to experience being present with our current awareness, each time one window changes into another window, were given another set of inevitabilities that we have to work with, each one is like a sales pitch, to keep going, no matter what happens, keep going. Another way of looking at the way creation is with us, is creation is on your back, you’re the donkey, and creation is holding a stick in front of your face, saying this is what is behind held for you, until you get to that place where you can handle receiving this incentive. It’s also what one consciously enlightened being behaves with a consciously unenlightened being.

It’s quite a necessary process, even if you don’t currently agree with it, and would rather see the person rot, instead of prosper. Question away, question away, question away. By all means, question away, find out for yourself, there is no riding of anyone’s coat tails in this, no following the leader, no worship or idolization in truth. you can walk with, behind in front of or beside someone, but even when it appears to another that you’re following others, you aren’t at all, you’re using the ego, as a tool, to learn more about yourself, your abilities, and so on. It appears to other’s that you’re following because we’re not nurtured in school like i said in the beginning of this entry, into learning about our natural abilities as a human being.

we’re nurtured that it’s survival of the fittest, kill or be killed, dog eat dog world. Compete or be squashed like a bug. Who’s the most intelligent one? Who’s the dumbest? Black and white. Polarity consciousness.

When you step out of that box, all that was contained within it, that isn’t you, continually falls away and the real,new, same old soul that you are, and always will be, is revealed to you. You begin living the life that you have always known and desired to live.

I Am Hilarion Melchizidek  Ra



Dearest heart of love...

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Dearest heart of love... there is so much truth and so much magic in your posts... please could you give us less at once and more often?  they help me so much