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The Establishment of New Light

February 27, 2011

Dearest Beloved Ones,

At this time on the Earth there is a profound reconfiguration happening within third dimensional physical reality. The higher dimensions of spiritual light have fully penetrated through the atoms and molecules of physically manifested life on the Earth.

This is causing a profound an intense shifting of all physical, emotional, spiritual and mental systems that currently exist on the Earth, including all physically embodied beings, and also including those beings living close to the Earth plane but not yet embodied.

Dearest beloved ones, for some people this is akin to living in the midst of an earthquake which shakes the very foundations of what you knew. Regardless of how your physical life may be affected by these current changes, your emotional, mental and spiritual consciousness is being profoundly and dramatically affected by what is happening.

At the present time, many people are feeling despair, as the old life lies in ruins around them, and the new life is not yet visible or even accessible to consciousness. It is as though a major step has been taken, and one's feet have left the previous terrain, however there is not yet a new place to step forward onto the new.

Many souls are deeply weary after such a long period of difficulty that is now passing, but is not yet fully put to rest.

All physically embodied beings including the animals and plants of planet Earth are being nourished with new levels of spiritual light, streaming into the cells and tissues and releasing forever the genetic, encoded memory patterns of separated consciousness.

This profound releasing is for some a devastating experience, as old defenses are shattered with no new place of safety immediately visible. For some, the influx of spiritual light is creating awakenings that are releasing deeply entrenched patterns from many lifetimes.

For others, this has created a major upsurge in physical symptoms of all kinds, some of which may be frightening or that may even require medical or even surgical interventions to support the new energy pathways that are being created.

Beloved ones, this time requires patience so that the new energy pathways of light can be strengthened within the body, heart, mind and emotions. This new light is like a thin thread that has finally found its way into physically manifest form that needs to be nourished so it can grow stronger.

There are some practical things that can be done to support the new energy pathways of light within the body, mind and heart. One is to listen to your body's new needs for food, which have likely changed within the most recent periods of time. Pay attention to the foods that your body is asking for, which will support your entrance into the new vibration that is establishing itself in your body.

There are some souls whose work involves helping others to move into greater light. For these souls, there may be a greater craving for plant based chlorophyll foods which help to anchor spiritual light within the physical body.

Another support that these souls may find helpful can be found in the crystal kingdom, which offers a physically manifest vehicle for spiritual light as it manifests on the Earth.

Attuning to these crystalline frequencies through meditation, prayer, gem essences or contact with crystals may be useful in easing the sometimes intense emotional and light body symptoms that may be manifesting.

Beloved ones, there are some souls who have labored long during this previous cycle that is now ending, who feel incapable of going on. This profound level of fatigue is physical, energetic and also emotional. As the previous third dimensional structure of consciousness collapses, the pain that has been endured is coming to the surface, sometimes intensely.

At this present time, it is important to simply be with the emotions and thoughts that arise, without taking action. Allowing the pain to pass from your emotional, mental and physical body will provide relief and new space to receive the greater levels of light that will be arriving.

There are some souls who are experiencing profound and intense emotions with no conscious understanding of their meaning. This too is a symptom of this present time, when new levels of light have arrived, but have not yet completely infused and illuminated soul memories.

As the light establishes itself further, new understanding will arise and provide you with a deeper knowledge of who you are, why you are on the Earth, and what is healing within you.

For the time being, it is important to love and nurture yourself and those around you, for many souls are feeling raw and in great need of comfort.

We bless your presence and your work during this significant time of birth. The new has arrived on the Earth and in time, the splendor and blessing of God's grace will reveal itself in deeply significant ways. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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