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July is a very powerful transitional month. It's time to choose if we are going to continue traveling in our old direction or if we are going to shift tracks so we can travel in a new direction. If we choose to shift tracks, we will be opening ourselves up to totally new experiences, new people and new areas of mastery. It may also be a choice to leap into the Unknown without a visible safety net.

If we choose to remain on our old track, it could be the right one for us. This will depend on whether or not we make our choice based on our Heart's Knowingness or on fears and insecurities. If we consciously choose as a True One to stay on the same track, then we will remain in the state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. But if we make our decisions based on insecurity and fears, we might find that our old security soon deserts us. We also have to choose which carriages go with us on the new track. We may well end up with a shorter train that can travel much quicker.

Many people might pause while facing the momentous decisions of July. Some might panic at leaving their old lives behind because it is the known and the familiar. Some might become nostalgic at what they are going to leave behind, even when they know that they weren't happy or fulfilled there. Everyone knows that when we move forward onto a new track that there is no going back to the way that things used to be. NO DOWN- NO RETURN.

What many people don't yet see is that it's not just that we are leaving our old lives, but that our old lives are leaving us. Change is all around us. The old worlds are shattering simply because they have reached their time of completion.

In July, anything that we're holding onto that weakens us or keeps us small and any situations that keep us from living as a True One will reach their crisis point. This will create a huge discomfort until we deal with them. Many people are afraid to burn their bridges behind them, but if you do, it will propel you forward more quickly. If you burn the bridges to your old life, your old concepts, your old roles and definitions, your obvious safety nets, then you can move forward without the limitations of who you used to be. These old support systems are now leaving us and we will be fine without them.

In our New Lives, our way of life is absolutely different. We aren't just replacing old jobs with new jobs or old karmic relationships with new ones. There is something TOTALLY NEW that is now coming in. It really is not only a New Landscape, but a New Paradigm.

The more we can let go of the past, the more we can embrace the New.

The more we can let go of our old ways of doing things, the sooner the new ways will come in.

The more we can let go of our duality-based behaviors and beliefs, the sooner we can fully be True Ones.

The more we open our minds, the more we will learn.

The more we release our old concepts, the sooner we will see what is REALLY going on.

The more we are fearless, the more we can embrace the Unknown.

The more we are our natural selves, the more we can demonstrate our true mastery.

The more we open our hearts, the more we LOVE will we feel.

There's a finality to completing the old that wasn't there before. We can't keep open all our options as we used to. There are some old escape routes that now need to be sealed off so they are not an option anymore. This will free us immeasurably and allow us to more fully inhabit the Expanded HERE and NOW.

In July, we will be completing old situations by either walking away from them or by taking them to a new level. We will pull off all the layers of our old skins until there is nothing left but Trueness.

We aren't just choosing our new direction. We are choosing to be True Ones. We are choosing to follow our Heart's Knowing. We are choosing to live True Lives.

In July we have the sense that we are coming out of our cocoons. There will be a lifting of much of the heaviness that we've been feeling. We won't focus so much on our specific tasks that need to be done, but on being in the Expanded HERE and NOW. When we do this, everything will get done in a Zen-like manner in its RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

The basic foundations upon which we base our lives are shifting. This is the month to either change them, strengthen them or dismantle them so we can create our new foundation for the new reality.

As we increasingly shift worlds into our New Landscape, we are starting to discover the scope of what has dropped away from us. Whole new areas of mastery appear, while old levels of mastery drop away. We are developing a brand new approach to life. The deeper we enter our New Landscape, we find that we often need to take short breaks, lie down and be ultra still to align ourselves with the New Paradigm. When we do this, there is an immediate clicking into position. This is when we are encoded with the blueprints for our New Life.

Once we choose our direction, there are lots of preparations to be made before we can align with our New Purpose. This is why it's so important to get rid of the elements that we don't want to take with us and gather together the things that we do. This frees us so we can see what is REALLY there. We will be shifting tracks to one with a whole new set of people and experiences.

July marks our emergence from a passage through a barren desert into a fruitful land. The fruit isn't on the trees yet, but in this New Landscape there are trees that will bear fruit and where our garden can flower; where before in the desert, they couldn't.

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We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!