~Full Moon July 15TH Energy Scope-Dance In The Quantum Rainbow~

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~Full Moon July 15TH Energy Scope-Dance In The Quantum Rainbow~

We are under the first full moon free eclipse In many weeks. Do we rejoice? Yes. The eclipse triad has left us with a bang. A cosmic wake up call to what needs to be worked on within at the heart and ego and with those in our lives letting go of that which no serves purpose in our lives on a connection level and for many habitual level. We have an awakening that is leading us to dance in a quantum rainbow as we are now being taken to the deepest areas of our being and being opened to the wisdom of that of the deepest space time continuem of which we are one.

A song of unconditional love hath been playing at bio-photonic frequency hoping we would have heard. This is its outcome. it burst into a depth calling all rainbow warriors july1st.

We have been awoken to what is working and what is not in the areas of the heart and ego and it is now time to put the work into transmuting that which came to light at these eclipses. As eclipses are the vortex for shine and awakeners to that which needs clearing in our lives and no longer serves your being ascending and having the transpersonal experience which is the stillness that is felt once transmuting the old way of living or thinking. By applying divine wisdom of infinite witness to that of the ego cleansing the ego and feeling infinite bliss.

The recent weeks have had us looking through a window that has been smashed wide open and we are witnessing a crystalline reconstruction before our eyes. That window is your being . We have reached bio-phononic proportions of vibrational frequency and come so far. More is to come.

But with all the forward motion there is still a feeling like something has not gotten through and can not go through. This feeling will be around a bit longer . In many areas of heart connection and awakening many beings are feeling right now like there is just something they can not touch upon. But this energy will soon disperse and that which you are trying to get in touch with will be right in front of you, even though now it feels unreachable. A deep inner stillness is yet to go deeper.

But only after the blocks of the heart and ego are transformed by transmutation. Transcendence can then be felt. So let’s see what this full moon has in store.

This full moon falls in Capricorn. Also called the thunder moon. As the bang of previous eclipses had us awakening to all the things we need to clear, this is the moon we put those areas to work and with the power of Capricorn behind you it will be a strong tenacity within your being that is felt to carry out the alchemical shift in the areas defined above.

Capricorn will have you practical in manners and very patient in areas that need logical evaluation .yet at the same time there may be a feeling of pessimism. But in the end it is the Capricorn influence that will have you getting the job done at the end of the linear day.

As the thunder moon contains a deep unconditional love for you and wants you to hear the quantum song and dance in reverie.

Capricorn will have you feeling very ambitious and dedicated towards what needs clearing and reconstructing within your life and being so deeper inner peace can be felt and witnessed. As nothing ever comes without work. You can not sit back and expect something to happen.

It is putting your passionate heart into things with pure intent that wins the day. As Capricorn is filled with unconditional love so will this blossom in your being as you apply the work to any heart blockages that were highlighted under the triad of eclipses previous full and new moons.

This full moon may also have you feeling a little private about matters or others, so if you do cross someone who is acting a bit private this will be why. Simply respect their privacy and never force an issue as that was also a lesson to be learned previous eclipse july 1st.

So the window is about to clear and you will see all this reconstruction of being and life you are doing is where you are meant to be and manifesting your true infinite path as you do so.

The last few days before the full moon have had us feeling on edge and like nothing could be done but with the boost now from Capricorn thunder moon it will feel like a giant burst of axiomism forward as you clear the murky window and see a crystalline transparent shine from through the window. That window being the eyes of your etherical being.

You will feel a unison within as you work the transpersonal state to your being with infinite awareness and cleanse ego‘s illusional hold once and for all . It’s the influence of Capricorns unconditional love that has your being beaming of scintillating omnipotent sparks.

There is also been an air of how you are perceived by the public and this beam of omnipotence will be witnessed by those around you now. They may even ask you ,what’s your secret how to of such a glow.

There is also a focus on areas of passion and anger this full moon . As the full moon influence is felt plus or minus five days. This moon also brings to light areas where you feel anger and dismay. Perhaps even a feeling you are at the abyss of fire and brimstone.

It is time to take this anger and channel it into motivation and what you truly want, taking charge and manifesting what it is you feel reluctant to have done so far. With Capricorn’s green light now is the time to work this anger into passion and manifest that which you dream. As from anger being a lower energy mass, it is the key to a lift of eternal summer. .

It also has us looking at the engrams of our anger, and the deep seeded ones that you may not have even been aware of till now making themselves into light.

Engrams of deep seeded hurt, rejection and anger and physical pain you have felt toward yourself or as a result of another’s unconsciously programmed influence . This full moon has them going bang at an alarming rapid rate of awakening since the last eclipse.

It is best to face these and transmute them ,then ignore them and keep repeating the same reactive directive of the engram down the road.

with Capricorn quincunx south node you may feel it hard to find a compromise within your being at clearing these engrams and transforming them with infinite witness awareness ,but the ability is there from the unconditional loving influence of Capricorn .

Where compromise within your being is hard to find use this approach taking the anger and using it as a catalyst for motivation to move forward building deeper empowerment within your being. For there is no result without hard work ,but every tool needed is within you . No material tool is required to enlighten and empower your being. You are the instrument of all divine you manifest and every engram you transform within your being.

Saturn will try very hard to undermine and take you down as it is the life lesson planet and these engrams coming to light now are the lessons at this time you were meant to learn from. as each experience, each being, and each moment we have makes us the student and the teacher of that given experience. Each being we cross with and experience with is a guide, and we are the experience . The experience is your wisdom and tool for growth and resurrection within of the infinite awareness you are.

Applying that awareness comes now with the engrams that have come to light for you to transmute and transform.

These engrams also cleared will unify your being closer to that of self sacred union in oneness of being within of masculine and feminine.

As again these engrams contain a masculine focus that will have them focused on deep seeded angers and rages and things you felt impassionate about. Now is the time to feel passionate again and live breaking free from the engrams hold over you.

So not even Saturn can hold back . a divinely inspired being such as yourself. There is no bad. There is only a lower heavier energy mass and that can be transformed once you see the quantum light in the energy mass of the engram that so has you at paradox this full moon. Once the quantum light is witnessed in its lesson it will then be non-paradoxical . But only you can see that quantum light within the lower energy mass, not anyone else.

The situation at hand could also be that someone will not see your side of a situation, well the key here is simply respect their choice and see how you played in the scenario. if there was an ill-willed intention then perhaps they are right not to take your side. Witness from within outside how you act in a situation without judgment and you will observe with photopic vision the being you truly are.

Then the changes will have to made as to how you can act differently next time in true nature of being. As this full moon will have you acting in a still authority, take advantage of this energy and wield it wisely. But let your cosmic thunder be felt within and around your being.

With the full moon in trine to sedna we also have engrams of a parental nature brewing up. That is old patterns that were programmed with a reactive directive you may have witnessed from the parent which is unhealthy or is programmed and you may not even be aware of . that would be a coitus engram.

But now is the time to transmute what does come up and feel a release from the bondage it binds you in. areas focused under this trine are abuse, loss of power, rejection and a personal feeling of abandonment

Ever feel triggered and you act like your parent in a given situation? This is why.

If they hit or abused you ,then you would carry out that same reaction.
Your being is programmed and taken back to that exact moment the engram was implanted in your being with that given reactive expression when the trigger mechanism that sets it off is triggered.

For example if someone calls a man a loser, and if his father called him a loser and then hit him the man having been triggered with that word will then hit the being who triggered his engram. He goes back to the moment programmed and its dramatized expression.

Now that you are aware of this you now have the ability to transform that reactive directive of expression and plant a new seed of reactive directiveness in how you express your being. no longer letting the parental engram speak through you or act through you. but now letting your own true nature of being speak.

You then ascend form the lower vibrational bio-phonon to an ancient quantum bio-phonic frequency. You can up your confidence and understand it was their spiritual naivety or fact they were asleep and not enlightened as you are that drove them to program a certain engram of such in your being.

In other words, it was never you, it was them. Now is a time for forgiveness and applying the unconditional love this Capricorn moon as giving to you .

They may not have been able to transform their being, but you can and by doing so set an example for them and perhaps if they are catching on noticing the shift in you, they already may have begun doing so and you see it. They may have been rejected as children, or scorned or abused ,and carried that onto you, but you don’t have to continue it, you can transform this seed and bring a new expression of love to your actions, setting the stage for a line to follow.

We have eris at a t-square with the full moon that has given us energy where we are either isolating ourselves or feel isolated. It is now time to break out of chrysalis. Emotions have had us on the fence for many months now but with Capricorns bold wise decision maker we can make the right choices for our being.

This aspect also has us feeling rather vengeful if we have recently been scorned by someone and we are finding it hard to accept what was. But it has to be done ,no matter how tough it be. Release is the song calling now . It is simultaneous for forward movement out of the chrysalis.

It is the quantum calling and saying it was what it was and that is how it was suppose to end and, what it was, it was ,no abstract meaning to be put forth to it no more. As this may have been plaguing you for months. It is time to see where you are now is where you are suppose to be and breaking open the engram this being has put upon you will transform all you felt and bring you back to the now instead of living in the engram.

The true wise being understands the past is gone, but awoken again each time when triggered by the engram not yet healed and transformed . Until it is you will keep living in that engram.

The keys to ask are, where am I now?
Where was I?
Where do I want to be?
Where do I not want to be?

Look for similarities and differences and you will witness why you keep going back and the trigger mechanism of the engram and how to break free .

Ask what is the empowerment this being has given me?

What is their guidance?
What is their sacred gift?

Where am I now?

And hopefully that answer will be the now and free of engram as the Capricorn energy is giving is ability to do so over life long engrams that can now be shifted into light away from lower energy.

Saturn is into libra now giving us an energy of life work and a deep progress that can be felt with the shifting of your engrams.

The black moon is opposition to pallas giving an otherwise brewing of emotions that were suppressed and now letting them flow. This is where the outpouring of engrams is most influenced ,but where the most life work of Saturn and libra can be accomplished and transformed in its most lower of energy abysses.

By facing your inner demons you are only awakening a stillness and opening the gates of eternal summer that much wider for your being to see more clearly through that window of etherical being within as you reconstruct that which once plagued you. It can be a catalyst for what drives you and your etherical body ascending to the cosmos.

By gaining a stronger and infinite understanding of where you have been ,will guide you like a compass for where you are going by each step taken in the now. In other words, you too,by the higher self are your own compass ,guide and student and teacher.

We have a re-emergence of an energy that was felt in november and this is mercury Sagittarius retrograde that was felt then is replaying themes from yesteryear and having us re-examine then what moved us forward past our fears.

Or perhaps this was an experience that boosted you out of a fear ,if so it is asking you to remember what you have awoken since then and see how far you have come. As today july 15th mercury goes retrograde or mercury in leo and this particular aspect usually has us dealing with old relationship issues that pop up and want us to examine what it is we have learned that was a lesson .

Also if we have not applied the lesson then it now needs applying even if there is reluctance. The best move you can do for your being is not have fear. As when fear is felt going into a given situation fear is then attracted. Going into a situation with no fear ,attracts a non fearful experience. This is the law of attraction at work. Same goes for you thoughts.

As with any mercury retrograde technology will fluster and fall down and suffer breakdowns. This may enjoyable at work since you may have been feeling overworked or if your work has had computer upgrades. lately and feeling like a day is needed to just enjoy some fun.

The weekend of fun is this weekend. plenty of unexpected joy is to come your way under a full moon in Capricorn ,but expect any outing to be a serious one as Capricorn is rather stern. So make choices wisely as if your out on a date ,your date may be rather serious and not prefer child like behavior.

But we are all children at heart and it’s that innocence that is the fundamental of our etherical being and if your date can’t enjoy it, tell him or her to enlighten a bit, and look at the etherical heart within their second emotional body ,which is that of spirit heart beyond physical soul level heart. you may just get their head turning and send them on a googling frenzy.

Was having some fun with that one, but back to our scope. The truth is though if they don’t understand you, they probly are not a good choice to enter a second date with.

Now astrea is positioned in cancer with a focus on home and intimate spaces. You may find most of your deepest moments here as you come awake to things that were once like a cholera to your being, now seeing them as blessings in disguise.

Astrea is in a square aspect to Uranus having you go through that which is superficial within your home space and seeing that of your partner that was an illusion ,also highlighted in the triad of july 1st that came as a sudden surprise bang out of nowhere.

This was a wake up call to what is really going on at home under your nose. Now is the time to clear your home space and set forth a new leaf and branch off from a cheating partner .

In retrospect you may witness you have been cheating yourself of your creative ability and not putting forth your full inspiration orb. Now is the time to see how beautiful and intricate your expression is and let the world see it manifesting into being the true creative beauty you have. It’s quantum, express it!

Mars is in Gemini and you are feeling very communicative and deeply full of activities to keep you busy as well as your inner work.

You feel a self discipline by the Capricorn moon taking over a part of you that was undisciplined and this aspect is what is felt when you get a Capricorn full moon with a mars in gemini aspect. You may also feel like your being pulled in both directions, but be assured the disciplined path is the best choice.
This is the path of your infinite awareness and where it witnesses a blending of balance between both sides. So do blend.

Mercury is opposition to vesta in aquarius giving us snap decisions. Be sure and remember to chose with infinite awareness witness, not just by a choice of desire. Discern the best choice for your being.

You may also be making long term choices that affect you in the long run so discern wisely with the etherical body. This will aid you as it will have you doing less hard work in the long run .

Hygeia is in scorpio and retrograde and you may be feeling as though your voice of criticism is strong the last few days ,the way to quiet this and lower its aspect is to take what you have already learned from judgment and reapply ,kind of like a re-introduction to how you handled your judgment in the past and the old saying ,if you having nothing nice to say .don’t say anything at all. that’s what works best for the writer.
This is what my being feels best to do when faced with a verbose opinion . Smile and walk away keeping empowerment and composure and showing them you mean business but still have maturity.

If it is you who are criticizing your own self ,then apply a loving compassionate eye to things. Look in the mirror and ask, why am I saying things about myself to myself?

Then ask what is it I hate about myself?

Then take a list and write it down ,these can be transformed as you transmute the who, what, when, where, why, and how it began as such a thought pattern in your mind.

Then take a resolution to work at those things and make them things you can be proud of ,and resolve to love yourself anyway as you are ,no one is perfect. We are all imperfectly perfect.

This energy mass is giving you that choice and what comes to light now is what needs to be truly loved by your own being so you can feel an unconditional love for your whole self, not just certain parts. But loving all you are and all you were and will be letting go of any insecurity.

Venus is in cancer and highlighting areas of health we need to focused. Perhaps you have had a dream of been trying to get in shape at a level you feel is right for your being. venus’s love wants nothing more than what you want for yourself. So now is the time to manifest that eating pattern you would like or goal weight. Also resolving to love you as you are. No matter size or shape we are all beautiful outside and in.

But for health reasons if you are lowering cholesterol or want to prevent a heart attack or stroke then getting in shape with a healthy eating regimine and realizing it should be a life change ,not a temporary change ,is what is best.

Black moon Lilith is square to venus giving you a feeling of jelousy as you have insecurities of size and being. Don’t give into this as it will disperse, as you disperse your own insecurities and realize you are beautiful to you . you being beautiful to you is all that matters. Unconditional love begins with you, and as you express it onto you ,so can then you express it onto others.

Now we have healing planet Chiron is sesquiquadrate at work guiding us to see the rainbow warrior we all are and seeing that love can not be forced . And if you so try to force something it is you who will come out the other end . But you will have learned a valuable lesson that will lead you to a triumph if you see it’s quantum light for you.

In so many of the aspects mentioned above, home , self and others. It is wanting us to see that what is, simply is, no abstract meaning or hidden agenda and with your infinite witness glasses on you will see clearly through the window of the world and beneath the surface to what is truly.

Finally, the sun is in cancer and opposing the moon so during this phase you may feel somewhat more self protective and for your own good of course, after all if you don’t watch out for you, who will?

With this aspect also be aware of sudden discernments of intuitive feeling, they may thrown off or dispersed somehow ,with a feeling being right ,but the being you have the feeling to being someone else and not who you felt it was. So feel deeply and wisely.

There will be a lot of energy masses at hand this full moon and planetary activity at work but none the less in the end it is up to you, as this is simply a guidance tool to the energy at work . you are your true guidance compass as you choose to work the energy that suits your being and by following the quantum call you are responding and applying the wisdom that awaits you in the energy this full moon.

Further unconditional love awaits you. Do you hear your etherical heart calling? ,saying “Follow me!”

The quantum unconditional song is singing to you, dance in the rainbow of quantum frequency.That's the way it is.
For you are that quantum rainbow.

By Quantum Goddess Of Light