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In the EARTHSTAR PEACE CALENDAR, this FULL MOON is the EAGLE MOON. WAMBDI WICASA, EAGLE MAN, HELPS ONE LIFT FROM MATERIAL TO SPIRITUAL MIND with the UNIVERSAL LAW OF SYMMETRY. "THIS UNIVERSAL LAW OF SYMMETRY TEACHES THAT THE SPIRIT WAYS OF CREATOR MUST BE REFLECTED IN PERFECTION IN OUR WAYS IN THE PHYSICAL REALMS. THE WAYS OF CREATOR MUST BE THE WAYS OF EARTH. Mother Earth teaches this way also. For in Her pristine nature, She is the perfect Reflection of the Divine. This is the goal to which She is moving at this time. It is the vision of your prophets and your seers as well. The Universal Law of Symmetry, shows that which is ABOVE is that which is BELOW. Between is a space. This is that MANIFESTATION SPACE. It is that Mirror of Self. This is the place of the Mind. For the Spirit is ABOVE and the Heart is BELOW; this SPACE in between is the Sacred Mind......EMPTY THE MIND.....FOCUS UPON SPIRIT.....BECOMING LIKE UNTO OUR CREATOR, "being a co-creator with Spirit." LISTENING TO THE DIVINE PLAN, SEEING SYMMETRIES OF OUR CREATOR'S HEART, UNDERSTANDING THEM FROM THE PLACE OF INNOCENCE AND APPLYING THEM WITH GREAT PRECISION UNTO THE VERY MOLECULES OF THEIR TRUTH IS THE ROLE OF THE CO-CREATOR WITH SPIRIT. THIS IS THE DESTINY OF EACH AND EVERY HUMAN BEING." -Maka Wicahpi Wicohan Maka Wicahpi Wicohan starts on page 99: http://goo.gl/yPM0mV ‪#FULLMOON #EAGLE #EARTHSTAR #PEACE #CALENDAR #YES 

The EXACT TIME of this FULL MOON is at 5:24 UTC on April 22nd, which is 10:24 tonight CALI-TIME.

ART: “The Eagle’s Moon” https://melodyowensart.com/, "The Messenger" by Frank Polson http://thenativeart.com/galerie/index/lang/en, & the STAR CODE for EAGLE MAN, WAMBDI WICASA, in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF SYMMETRY. To activate it, draw it & circle it. https://goo.gl/hJHVYq ❤