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In the EARTHSTAR PEACE CALENDAR, this FULL MOON is the GRANDFATHERS MOON. TUNKASILA, THE GRANDFATHERS, PROTECT PERSONAL FREEDOM. "The Grandfathers remind you that the purpose of the human being here upon our Mother Earth is first to learn. Learn as an equal with all beings. Then, serve as the protector of Life - Life which has its own Free Will. Therefore, when this power known as the Universal Law of Free Will is invoked, it sets up a radiance of protection in a whole area within an individual and in the surrounding environment. This protection is called “respect.""-TUNKASINA in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF FREE WILL. FULL TEXT HERE: scribd.com/doc/4960419/Maka-Wicahpi-Wicohan, starts on page 26  #FULLMOON#GRANDFATHERS #TUNKASILA #EARTHSTAR#PEACE #CALENDAR #YES  

The EXACT TIME of this FULL MOON was at 18:20 UTC. (10:20am CALI-TIME)

ART: "Grandfather Moon" by Shelley Lane Kommeroiseaux.typepad.com, "A Meeting Of The Grandfathers" by Lyle Miller Sr. fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-lyle-miller-sr.html & the STAR CODE for THE GRANDFATHERS, TUNKASILA, in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF FREE WILL. To activate it, draw it & circle it.https://goo.gl/UYy9Ae