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In the EARTHSTAR PEACE CALENDAR, this FULL MOON is the BEAR MOON. MATO MANI is WALKING BEAR. "GIFTS OF SPIRITUAL SIGHT, PRAYER, HEALING, AND RELATIONSHIP WITH ALL THAT IS, ARE POSSIBLE FOR THOSE WHO LEARN LOVE AND ENJOY ALL THEIR RELATIONS. The Spiritual Law of Freedom opens these gifts to you. It opens those who come with open heart and mind.....FIND YOUR FREEDOM AND SET US ALL FREE." -MATO MANI, "Opens Gates That Have Been Closed" in the SPIRITUAL FREEDOM OF MAN. http://www.scribd.com/doc/49860419/Maka-Wicahpi-Wicohan, starts on page 34 https://goo.gl/aFjytM

The EXACT TIME of this FULL MOON was at 2:50 UTC.

ART: "Moon Walk" by Jene Folgert,www.FolgertStudio.com & "Bear Dancing Under The Moon" by Vadim Vaskovsk, www.Vaskovsky.com & the STAR CODE for MATO MANI--to activate it, draw it & circle it.