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In the EARTHSTAR PEACE CALENDAR, this FULL MOON is the WHALE MOON. HOGAN IYOTAN TANKA OYATE, THE WHALE PEOPLE, HEAL EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, MENTAL and SPIRITUAL IMBALANCES with the UNIVERSAL LAW OF MOVEMENT & BALANCE. "The Whale People have guarded the secrets for Human Being. For we are older brothers and sisters to you. OUR SONG WILL AWAKEN YOUR MEMORIES AND WILL BRING HEALING TO YOU.  HUMAN BEINGS HAVE SEVEN MAJOR ROLES AS EARTH GUARDIANS.  ALL OF THESE TASKS ARE IMPORTANT FOR THIS WALK IN BALANCE.  [Find out what they are here:http://goo.gl/yPM0mV starts on page 58] The Whale People wish for human beings to ponder on these seven gifts and to LOOK WITHIN to learn how to honor life through them. Learn to walk with these seven gifts. Honoring ALL life is the way to BALANCE; not just for yourselves, but for everyone. So stand, Human Being, as we the Whale People continue to teach you every moment through our Song and through our Thought. STAND AS GUARDIANS OF MOTHER EARTH. Stand up and take up your SACRED RESPONSIBILITIES. Honor the Wisdom within you and reclaim the Holiness that you are." -Maka Wicahpi Wicohan #FULLMOON #WHALE#EARTHSTAR #PEACE #CALENDAR #YES 

The EXACT TIME of this FULL MOON was at 12:01 UTC. (5:01am CALI-TIME) with a PENUMBRAL ECLIPSE.

WHALE SONG:  Songs Of The Humpback whale (Full Album HD Vinyl) https://youtu.be/p-7QrQ0cbpg

ART: "A whales dream" by Pencil-Chewer Cassandra Canady http://cassandracanadyart.deviantart.com/, "Moon Whale" by Tamara Laporte  www.willowing.org  & the STAR CODE for THE WHALE PEOPLE, HOGAN IYOTAN TANKA OYATE, in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF MOVEMENT & BALANCE. To activate it, draw it & circle it. http://goo.gl/J8JeGW