Gaia Earth Star Pisces New Moon - Remember you are Human

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Pleiadian Guided Meditations

Gaia Earth Star shares her insights on the Pisces New Moon happening Feb.28th/March 1st 2014. We are assisted to connect with our emotional body, releasing repressed emotions, family and past lives karma. Coming into our divinity, fragility and sovereignty as Spiritual Beings having a human experience. Remember you are Human my Dear Ones...this is the gift of this life! Feel, surrender and flow...You are safe.
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Gaia Earth Star is an internationally known Soul Astrologer, Pleiadian Mother Earth Channel and Spiritual Guide who inspires and assist souls in remembering their soul purpose in order to experience true happiness and inner peace. Her sessions are deeply healing, unconditionally loving and empowering. Your life will never be the same after Gaia Earth Star has shared this powerful soul transmission with you, tapping into Source energy and her ancient wisdom that she brings forth in this life. Gaia truly embodies the Goddess energy; she is a channel of the Cosmic Mother, a vibration of compassion and unconditional love, the essence of the Golden Age.

"Remembering we are One"