Gaia Earth Star Weekly Mercury Retrograde - Emotional Intelligence & Spiritual Logic

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Gaia Earth Star shares her insights about Mercury, the Goddess/God of Wisdom going retrograde in the emotional waters of Cancer and the dualistic twins of Gemini on June 7th. A time where we can apply emotional intelligence and spiritual logic rather than emotional melt-down and mind-separation. It is all about perception and awareness my Dear Ones. You are already enlightened, you simply need to awaken to this ultimate spiritual Truth. A bold, courageous and raw unconditional acceptance of what is. From that point of awareness, you become a powerful co-creator of Source energy and not anymore a victim of your own mental drama. Remember that your essence is to be. Just to be. What you choose to be is your free will. Choose soulfully my Dear Ones...


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Gaia Earth Star is an internationally known Soul Astrologer, Pleiadian Mother Earth Channel and Spiritual Guide who inspires and assist souls in remembering their soul purpose in order to experience true happiness and inner peace. Her sessions are deeply healing, unconditionally loving and empowering. Your life will never be the same after Gaia Earth Star has shared this powerful soul transmission with you, tapping into Source energy and her ancient wisdom that she brings forth in this life. Gaia truly embodies the Goddess energy; she is a channel of the Cosmic Mother, a vibration of compassion and unconditional love, the essence of the Golden Age.


"Remembering we are One"