Gaining an Additional Degree of Freedom

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Adding another dimension results in gaining an additional degree of freedom.

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is the shape which results from adding another dimension to a torus.

In this way, you could say that what cube is to tesseract (hypercube) torus is to Flying Rainbow Lasagne (hypertorus.)

What is the significance?

Anyplace you have a torus, say, for example, the toroidal energy field around your body, or Earth's magnetosphere, or the sun's heliosphere, or even the torii at a molecular level in your DNA, you may turn that torus into a Flying Rainbow Lasagne shape and gain an additional degree of freedom. This makes it possible to access DNA in new configurations, to cross barriers and bridge together aspects that were formerly separated, and to no longer be limited by the structures which have hampered the fullest expression of divinity in one's energy field.

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