Galactic activation opportunities....

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Since the solstice, an enormous opening to and inflow of galactic and supergalactic life has been occurring ~

The Galactic Solstice – June 2019

This GEC input is the most advanced, ascended,complete and accessible that I have experienced. Attuning with it in your own way will allow the Galactic Activations to begin and to continue to increase your frequency shifts and increase your awareness.
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and here are a few excerpts -
The Sector that your Earth is now moving into is of a much higher vibrational frequency than the previous Sector it was within. This allows for the finalization of Earth’s own Galactic Intelligence to complete its integrative development. Those of you currently incarnated on Earth in human form, are a part of a much larger Galactic Intelligence within your Universe, its Galaxies, and Planetary Systems. 
Know that for billions of your Earth Years Universal and Galactic Intelligences, called into action by the Radiant One, from all over the Interdimensional Cosmos have visited and been a part of your Universe and Planetary Systems. We of the High Spiritual Council were one such unified intelligence that has been involved in the development, evolution, integration and purposeful placement of your Universe, Galaxies and Planetary Systems since its earliest conception and will continue to be intricately woven into your existence, by the will and love of the Radiant One.
As Earth came into a state of harmonically evolved development, a “Conceptual Radiant Impulse” came forth from our Radiant One to the Prima Ultras, the High Spiritual Council and a Council of Galactic Intelligences. The “Radiant Impulse” brought forth the “Knowing” that it was time for Earth to have its own “Signature Galactic Life Form”. The Signature Galactic Life Form would become the “Master Formulation” for your “Twelve Original Earth Kin”, holding all the genetic encodings necessary for the Human genesis process on Earth.
You may pursue this independently, or participate in this group, or create your own group.