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Galactic Centre Message 3/14/11

 15 March 2011 
Channeler: Mark Stearn

Message from the Galactic Centre. By Mark Stearn.
14th March, 2011.

We are the Galactic Centre:

Greetings blessed hearts,

We enfold you all now in the highest esteem, honour and the deepest love. You are currently moving through so much and emerging victorious in the radiant love and light of the new earth and the new galactic neighbourhood. These glorious creations can be more clearly felt all of the time now. Holes are appearing in the veil of seperation. So many catastrophes and uprisings, so much awakening is now shaking the world and mankind into accepting the actual reality of earth's situation. Light servers meet and set forth esteemed intents and all is released into the planetary mix. All prayers are heard. We are reveling at how far you are coming in such a short earth time in terms of your fading timeline. The timelines are severely askew.

The now moment has never been more accessible and experienced by so many fresh hearts around the world. So much creation at this time. We love to see you excercising your innate powers in such beautiful colours and tones. New plans for the arrival of higher influxes of light vibration and love magic are currently reshaping the galactic neighbourhood. Hearts from all throughout creation are working tirelessly with the awakening of humanity and to those lightservers who are awakening to and using their divinely given creation gifts. There is an outpouring of new manifestation happening on planet earth. We are experiencing hearts shaping grids of light and immense matrixes of divine design that are focused on magnetizing the new earth reality more and more into the everyday life experience of earth and all of life.

These creations are being shared hand in hand with creational hearts from your higher realms of experience who are answering prayers and revelling in working directly with newly awakened hearts.The light emerging forth from the galactic centre is greatly increasing of late because of the awakening of all beings on this earth to the style of the new earth and it's divine influence in the world vibration and the life vibration of all sentient life on this great orb. Heaven never declines a wish or a prayer. All prayers are answered. This is now seen in the intense activity that is occurring in the higher dimensions and in the creational dimensions of your planet and throughout all life here also. We take our hats off to you. The earth will continue to unfold in it's letting go of that which it no longer requires. There is no stopping this order of events.

 We wish to advise you on the importance of not getting too caught up in prophecy. Prophecies are constantly shifting directly according to world events and the fabric of this world is such that synchronistic movement of the love and vibrancy of the creator is the only real reality at work on this earth as it is found in the present moment. The choice is yours as to where you place your attention. Simply allow your awareness to rest in your heart and you will find this a trustworthy guide in all that greets as you go about your day. Adonai beloved friends and esteemed hearts. We bid you adieu for now.

We are the Galactic Centre.

Blessings, Mark.