The Galactic Federation of Light Requests Our Permission to Arrest Leaders of the Cabal

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The Galactic Federation of Light has requested the permission of the people of our world to begin arrests of members of the Cabal/ Illuminati, which will open the door to open contact with our family of light and the beginning of a new age of freedom, peace and prosperity for every being on the planet. Please follow the link and sign our petition. You do not need to leave your full name.



is this petition kosher?

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hello  i don't want to see disrepectfull but is this petition really necesary?  i read where this could be part of a evil agenda. the people of the light know our intentions. i am just curious.  bobbyauto

Just focus on Love, be in the

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Just focus on Love, be in the moment, call for your highest good for the greatest good of all Life! Accept what you ask for and surrender in gratefulness to Love. If people would just do this, there will be nothing to worry about! Let your Higher Self take care of the details.


Oneness <3

This makes complete sense to

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This makes complete sense to me.  Before the GFOL can do anything concerning our world that they do not have higher authority to do, they must have our consent since this is our world and our situation brought about by our collective Karma.  We must make very clear for them what actions we wish them to take in any matter.  As for this being some dark agenda, maybe it is, but it would go against the Illuminati since this is a petition for their arrests.  A petition for their arrests sure would come back and bite them in the butt, so I highly doubt they would initiate something like this.  There is a global pole that was taken concerning the GFOL coming here and helping us to restructure our world on many levels and the results were overwhelmingly positive in that many people wish to recieve assistance from the GFOL.  Here is a link that the results of the pole:  I was very happy to see this pole, as I am rather joyful to know about this petition.  You bet your butt I signed it.  I love the GFOL and Ashtar Command very much and I cannot wait to reunite with them and be among their presence once more.  _/\_  Much Blessings, Love and Light.