The Galactic Federation Program

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The Galactic Federation Program



The Galactic Federation Program for the advancement of Earth's entry into extended space exploration is now becoming more fully implemented as the Earth's population is preparing for the release of the U.S. government report on UFOs. This development is requiring the upgrading of Earth's understanding of space and its inhabitants.


The Galactic Federation is implementing various galactic dimensions to foster the Earth's readiness to be involved with extraterrestrials who are beneficial to the evolution of the Earth and its inhabitants.



When the report is released there will be many questions about the occupants of the craft. It is important that good information about various extraterrestrial species is available to the public, and that the public is notified of any endeavors to communicate with them.


The Galactic Federation is aware of the many secret associations of various groups on Earth with extraterrestrials, and it is monitoring them for their safety and promise as beneficial to Earth.


It is important for the public to know that there are very helpful extraterrestrials who are waiting for the appropriate time to become involved with the public and its agencies.