The Galactic Free Press Could Use Your Assistance

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While fundraising is something we try to do as little as possible, we've learned that we don't get quite enough in donations to support ourselves if we don't ask for them specifically. We're currently at $620 out of our $3,000 monthly goal, and since we're about two thirds of the way through the month, we've got some catching up to do.

We are completely reader supported, your donations pay for our server costs, as well as things like rent and food expenses. This allows us to make running the Galactic Free Press into our daily "job" and we're very blessed by this opportunity to help spread Higher Consciousness.

While there's tons of websites that post what's popular, and tell people what they want to hear, that's not our focus at all. We recently stopped posting the kind of messages that keep promising an "ascension" or "the event" that's coming right around the corner, despite the fact that those were some of the most popular things we used to post. You can read more about why we no longer post that stuff here.

Our site is not about hoping for something to happen and then waiting. Our site is about real changes that you can create for yourself right Now! Predictions are worthless without people actively creating change. The hundreds of failed channeled predictions should illustrate that nicely. We'd much rather see people come together to participate in a shared vision that they all have a part in than just having faith in some external channeling. It's people collectively standing up that's always lead to the advances in humanity's consciousness.

Growth comes from challenging what you believe, it doesn't come through reinforcing what you already believe. Our site is here to offer new and different perspectives, even if they frighten, anger or disturb people. Those kinds of emotions are wonderful pointers to personal fears and insecurities, the kinds of things that hold you back the most. You don't have to agree with everything we share though, we don't want dumb followers who automatically believe everything we say. We're here to assist people in stepping into the own Divine Self and discovering their own creative potential.

If you'd like to support us in this, we ask that you consider helping us out with a donation to the Galactic Free Press. Thank you!

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