Galactic Free Press -God Certification Course-

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We used to get asked fairly often what gave us the right to tell people they're God, that was when we lived in a spiritual community where many people had fancy spiritual titles. People wanted some verification, we were supposed to be certified by some recognized spiritual "authority", and despite our assurances that we were certifiable, that apparently wasn't enough. In there interest of not getting left too far behind with the latest spiritual fads, the Galactic Free Press is blessed to present:


God Certification Course

First the cost, since in a capitalist society we tend to judge things based upon how big a number is associated with them. How much would you pay to become a certified God? $100? $1,000? $10,000? What would be a fair price? Well it just so happens this course is valued at approximately $4 trillion USD, but if you act now you can get it for the low low price of simply paying attention. That's a 4 trillion dollar discount, what a deal!


Now on to the Course itself, and a pop quiz!

  • Do you recognize the Divine within all things?
  • Can you Love Unconditionally, or at least give Love as freely as you are able?
  • Do you understand that being God doesn't make you better than anyone else, but it does make you equal?
  • Do you promise to treat others with Love and respect?
  • Do you seek to grow, expand, learn and evolve each day?
  • Do you recognize the Eternal aspect of Consciousness?


If you answered yes to all the above questions, congratulations, you passed! If not, that's okay too, the last thing people need is any more self-judgement. You can take the course tomorrow again if you want!

For those that passed and/or those who don't care about rules, YOU ARE NOW A CERTIFIED GOD! Sure, you were God before, but now you're Certified God! Feel free to celebrate in whichever method you feel most comfortable. Of course, what would be the point of a certification without a certificate, so here it is in two easy to use formats:


Link to image (you can print it out and write in your name)




Enter your name into the form to generate an online version of the certificate. You can then save the web address (URL) for later use.


Feel free to display it prominently in your place of business, put it on your resume, or simply keep it for personal use!