The Galactic Free Press Update- Its All Happening as Divinely Decreed!!

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Pubblicato in data 04/ott/2012 da GalacticCentral

Greetings Love Beings, The Changes for Planet Earth=Heart are Full Speed Ahead with Energy Coming to the Planet from All Over Creation. This will increase in intensity as we arrive at the Galactic Center Alignment. Our Next Big Energy event is the incoming 10~10 Portal. This Portal will be one of the Most Powerful Ones we have had so far, and we can Easily Expect the 11~11 and The 12~12 To Be Extra Whammy's.This Planet's Destiny is Balanced Harmonics and this is indeed what is now Unfolding. Creation does not need permission to BE or Create for the Highest Outcome for Humanity! We can easily say these Incoming Events are Set In Stone. Its All Happening as Divinely Decreed!! LOVE WINS!

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Great Dau!

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Thank you to all LOVE! Going to meditate for a while. You are all wonderful