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In the mid 1970's I had an unexpected lucid dream experience on—make that in—the Moon. In the 1970's and 80's I often would unexpectedly find myself in some of the other-dimensional Enemy Camp locations as a way for me to learn, see, and know for myself about these multidimensional realities, situations, lies, negativity, and about the different Dark Ones.
In this particular lucid dream journey I found myself not on the Moon but in complex tunnels systems beneath the surface. These tunnels ran all over and where, are used by non-human, other-dimensional negative Dark beings.
As I traveled through some of these extensive Lunar tunnels I eventually sensed I was not alone and that my astral presence had been perceived by whoever it was that existed below the surface of the Moon. I did eventually come face-to-face with a few of these negative beings down in the lunar tunnels and it was certainly not a pleasant encounter. (I've seen both Reptilian beings and Grey's but these beings were different; possibly workers and/or guards of some sort.) They were non-human scary looking negative beings that did not want me knowing about their secret Moon base. From this point on the lucid dream turned into me running from those creatures through endless miles of Lunar tunnels. I finally woke myself up to end the negative other-dimensional experience.
So yes, the Moon (and much more) is not remotely what humanity has believed it was/is. The other thing Lisa Renee covers in this article that I was glad to hear was the business about the Moon and lunacy, hysteria, emotional, psychological imbalances and so on. It's always felt highly suspicious to me that the Moon—or any other planetary body in our solar system—would have such a negative effect on humanity to unbalance it emotionally and mentally such as the Moon is supposed to do. Being a lifelong astrologer this one's always made me suspicious that some Dark manipulations have been put in place and the Moon used to produce a specific low frequency range to perpetuate an imbalanced humanity. And thanks to Lisa Renee and the Guardians information we're all learning some more about our past "reality" and how we've been used and manipulated by the Dark Ones—but, how all that is currently changing and ending.
I'm going to add a link to an article I wrote in February, Kundalini Rising & The Rewiring Process. It too may help some people who are currently being blasted by these intense energies and life-altering, reality-altering changes.
I'm adding another link to an old article, What Caused The Planetary Axial Tilt? because my 12,600 B.C. Egyptian past-life memory with the three Starbeings and those of us seeded then, happened when the Earth was in alignment and had no axial tilt whatsoever. The 23° tilt came later. We're helping correct this ancient damage now also.
When we entered the Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld on March 9, 2011, some of the old Ascension symptoms that were originally activated at the start of the Eighth Wave/Galactic Underworld on Jan. 5, 1999, suddenly returned. I'd lived with many of these Ascension symptoms which included endless kundalini risings and the tremendous Hot Flashes and heat they naturally cause, from 1999 through 2008 when some of them began to decrease. However, with the entry into the Ninth Wave my Hot Flashes returned—greatly reduced in intensity and duration of course but returned nonetheless. So too has that miserable intense heat radiating out of the bottoms of my feet and my hot, swollen, stiff and aching hands. And let's not forget the overall body swelling and bloated "Buddha Belly" symptom too. My apologies beloved Master Hotei.   Not to mention all the other head, skull, brain, Pituitary and Pineal glands/Chakra upgrades, solar flare symptoms, changing magnetic symptoms and everything else happening simultaneously—and we've got August and September 2011 to get through. Out with the negative old and in with the positive NEW.
Remember the new fifth dimensional type of etheric ten-story building I saw recently superimposed over a physical gas station? Remember the partial etheric body-parts my Mom saw in the grocery store on the same day? The link Lisa included in her article below about the otherworldly buildings appearing somewhere in China reminded me of this. Lots going on now and much more to come and soon. Hang in there everyone and gratitude to Lisa Renee, the Guardians, and all.


Denise Le Fay