~GALACTIC LOVE REPORTER Karen Doonan With a Message from The High Council of Orion~ 7~21~11

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Welcome beloveds we are the high council of orion and we come to guide you further in your life journey into YOUr truth. As many open their hearts they will be greeted first of all by the grief and trauma that they will have stored over many life times, many are now beginning to realise that the healing that they are experiencing is not all connected to "just" this human life experience. For many of you now are being able to FEEL the different dimensions and aspects of SELF. As this begins to strengthen and you come more into YOU then this will allow access to deeper and deeper levels of SELF. It is vital during this process that trust and faith in SELF is to the forefront. At some point dear ones before you incarnated into this human life experience YOU agreed to this being part of your life path.

Many of you are now beginning to find the way out of illusion as you begin to look around YOU and FEEL the difference between what is being portrayed to you and what is TRUTH. In many cases humans can clearly see the smoke and mirrors used by illusion. For many across the planet the vibration they carry is heightening to a level where they FEEL detached from all around them, we guide you to be wary of this state of BEing, it is a natural part of the process but we guide strongly it is part of the process that must be moved through. The life experience is such dear ones that you will have a heightened vibration and be able to live with those around you accepting they may be of a different vibration but realising that ALL ARE ONE. This is a process dear ones and that process is ever evolving and moving. At no point is it written that there will be different levels of humans across the planet, by that we mean that there is no hierarchy in the new world.

The signature if you will of the "old" world was hierarchy with those in "Power" having it all and showing separation from the rest of society. That is the illusion teaching dear ones and we guide you strongly to be aware of the teachings, for many who work in the mode of lightworker are still falling to the illusion of hierarchy, believing that somehow that they have gifts and talents that put them above other human BEings. We guide you strongly to detach from this way of BEing. This way of BEing is rooted in fear dear ones, ALL are equal for ALL ARE ONE. There is no hierarchy dear ones.

Seeds of fear are being replanted at an ever increasing rate across the planet as emotions arise to be released. Many are fearful of the journey into the heart and are now wrestling with feelings of intense frustration and unease as they feel that they are stuck. We guide strongly dear ones there is never a moment where energy is stuck, for energy always flows. What is being mirrored to YOU is the emotions that are stuck. Emotions are there to be experienced, acknowledged and released. We see many across the planet who hold on to certain emotions and do not let them go. They hold on tightly to emotion and then begin to define the life experience solely through this emotion. We ask dear ones, who does this serve? Why would illusion teach you that this is the way to live your life if it was not to keep you in a cycle and lower your vibration?

As the heart opens dear ones you will be able to carry more and more of the LOVE that IS and many will experience flashes of recognition for many are reconnecting at deep levels. We guide you dear ones to be gentle with yourselves, the truth has been hidden in full view of the human race for so long that there are many emotions and insights that can be overwhelming when truth is reconnected to. Note we use the term "reconnected" for ALL were once in truth, it is only by being born into the human life experience that the connection is buried. Please realise this dear ones and process this through your hearts. ALL ARE ONE.

Many are now realising that the life they have lived is not appropriate to the way they FEEL now and this can bring more frustration as the moving through the cycle continues. Dear ones at no point have we asked that you step from one life experience straight into the new without processing. There is the opportunity to succumb back to illusion if you move through the absorption of truth too quickly, remember dear ones that illusion teaches speed of path. Illusion states that the human life journey gets faster and faster as it introduces new technologies to speed life up. Many feel they are living at break neck speed and we guide this is the teaching of illusion. Human BEings are capable of altering time, many of you will be masters of time yet at this point in your life journey this is not a truth that you will uncover nor be able to accept. Many ascended masters can be accessed to help remember how to move time and we guide you to access these teachings if your vibration is at the required level.

We guide about vibration for guidance only dear ones, we do not set the level of your vibration, YOU do. This is work that YOU do on YOU. There is no race to heighten vibration for it is a natural process. As you work through the heart and release the old negative programming and emotions your vibration will naturally heighten. We guide you to be wary of the illusions teachings that this can be fast forwarded. We note how illusion has taught across the planet that some ways of BEing can be bypassed and we guide this is smoke and mirrors. There is only ONE route to TRUTH dear ones and that is accessed through the heart. There are no short cuts in the ascension process, if you believe that there are then you are in illusion dear ones. We guide strongly to process everything through your hearts and to become masters of your own reality. That is the ascension process dear ones, it is not blindly following without asking, absorbing and accepting.

The illusion will have you blinded by science and will teach you that certain things are impossible and we guide dear ones to detach from the illusion of science and what it does or does not know. There is such a vast realm of knowledge that is not available to your scientists that cannot teach you what is TRUTH. Many are being pulled back into illusion when they come across what science tells them cannot happen. We guide you to process through your heart dear ones. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Science across the planet has not by any means caught up with TRUTH. In many cases dear ones the illusion pulls the strings of the science publications and teaches through more smoke and mirrors. YOU create YOUr reality dear ones, do not be bound by the "rules" of science for that will lower your vibration and pull you into illusion.

We once more strongly guide that illusion is a powerful tool and is easy to succumb to. Work with your heart and not just your mind, if you can FEEL it, if you can DREAM it then YOU can BE it, let none tell you otherwise dear ones. This journey is about human BEings reconnecting to the LOVE that IS and regaining their freedom. Allow that freedom to reach you dear ones, do not dismiss that which you have not experienced.

We step back now dear ones to allow you to absorb and process our guidance. Process all through your hearts dear ones and detach from illusion. We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. We love you, we have always loved you. ALL ARE ONE.