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Hello all :) This is a channeled message from what I’ve come to know as a Pleiadian branch of the Galactic Federation of Light. Our friends from the stars have much to share with us! I give this message in Love :)

Collectively you are all entering a period where tolerance and acceptance of all are becoming the dominating energies. We have for so long watched you all immerse yourselves in every kind of darkness available: jealousy, hate, discomfort of any kind. Know that at this point you don’t have to feel those feelings anymore, at this point you are choosing to let yourself wane into darkness by accepting these emotions.

When we are with you it will be much easier to teach you these lessons in person, but for now you must all rely on yourselves, on your own spiritual strength. It can absolutely be seen as a good thing as you all need to personally develop your inner powers. We ask that you all be fully conscious of every emotion or reaction you see pouring out of yourselves, and question if feeling that way will lead you out of darkness or back down your own personal path of spiritual destruction. After many lifetimes of training you all have a firm grasp on handling these dark energies, and this is a quality that is making you some of the toughest souls to be found. As we have said before, this experience on Earth is quite unique, ascension is a naturally occurring event but never have we helped initiate a planetary ascension at such a fast pace.

Remember you Lightworkers are all leading the way and soon very many souls who are just becoming enlightened will look to you for guidance. Some of you have been wishing to get ‘out there’ more and help other souls,  soon your chance is going to come. In these times of tough transition you will find much negative karma coming up from inside yourselves for release. This will usualy come in the form of a negative event or stressful situation, and how you handle your reaction will show how strong your Light is at that current moment. Your levels of Light are always shifting as everything is always changing, and learning to master these events will see you through to ascension very easily.

Very soon a lot of your old memories from when you were fully conscious beings are going to resurface in your thoughts. This is quite a good thing as it means you are returning to your former roots and regaining access to the greatest part of yourself, your godspark. The tide has changed as a result of so many rediscovering the godspark in them, as this spark has fully erupted into the beautiful violet flame to be found in all.

Your collective Love and Light has grown so massive that nothing will stop the spiritual events leading to disclosure on your world. We are so proud of you all for what you have undertaken and came out of so successfully! You always knew you would never lose your Light, and before you undertook this tough challenge of duality it was agreed that you would have many angels looking after you always. You will begin to find real personal contact with your angelic guides, and this will be just as joyous a reunion for you personally as first contact will be for the planet and for us.

Do you all understand how by nature you attract your thoughts to yourselves? It seems  like whatever person or happening you just talked about, you seem to be met with. As you all grow and ascend so more does your ability to regain your mastery grow. You will soon find yourselves suddenly good at things you used to have no interest in, many of these things will be creative and enjoyable. The higher dimensions are such a dream compared to what you experience now, as the Joy and Love of creation is what rules at all times. There is no domination, no negativity of any sort, no hardships or troubling times followed by a short glimpse of good. The higher dimensions are pure ecstasy, and you are all just beginning to get a glimpse of what will become normal for you.

Many wish to know of updates of disclosure and first contact, and for good reason. At this point the most we can say is that all is commencing incredibly well, you will all be amazed at the swiftness of the changes once we get the ball roling into the public’s eye. We do wish to remind you however that disclosure, while important, pales in comparison to the ascension you are currently going through. Finding yourself and your inner universe are the matters of most importance, for it is you rediscovering your inner freedom and sovereignty that will give you the most pleasure.

We still advise you to look towards the future. Imagine what your life is going to be like after first contact. Will you be in a position of helping people? Will you have coped with all of the sudden new changes to the Earth and to your lifestyle? Go within and ask these questions dear ones as you have the best answers. Look not to us up here, but look to yourselves to create your heaven on Earth. The time is fast approaching that we will be working together for the betterment of you and the betterment of your planet. Unitl then, we strongly advise you to begin your own journey of sovereingty, as the key to your true hapiness lies not with us, but with you and your divinity.

We send all who reads this our Love, know that we are truly never apart and first contact is already underway on so many levels.

(Permission is given to post anywhere on the grounds that the content is not edited or censored in any way)

-Channeled by Wes-