Galactic Update / Humanity's Request to the Galactic Federation of Worlds

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Even though most of us here have been living lives of relative privilege compared to most of the world, the entire planet is increasingly unifying into one organism, and events and conditions anywhere can affect us all. So even though we may like to look above and beyond the sources of the great inequities in the world that are spoken of in this Appeal, it is important to unite together to bring in an immediate effective remedy before the current human caused mass extinction of species and biosphere degeneration reaches the point of inevitable collapse with all of its consequential devastating results to human life and civilization, and indeed all life on Earth. We don't want to be responsible for our future generations living like the Blade Runner movie or worse. So I think it is worth our while to follow this Appeal as it is presented here, even though it is now being answered and implemented, because all of our Lightworks so far haven't yet been sufficient to turn the tide at this critical time of history and evolution.

Galactic Update