GFP Newsletter - 1/12/2021

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Let humanity be free from all these old superstitions which have dominated so badly, and distorted human nature so immensely. You can see the humanity that is the result. You say that a tree is known by its fruits. If that is true -- and that is true -- then your whole past of prophets, saviors, avataras, tirthankaras, God, devil, should be judged by the humanity that you find today.

This insane humanity -- miserable, suffering, full of anger, rage, hate... If this is the result of all your religions, of all your leaders -- whether political or religious -- then it is better to let God and the devil die. With God and the devil gone, political leaders and religious leaders will not have any support; they will be the next to die.

I want man to be politically free, religiously free, free in every dimension to function out of his own still small voice, out of his own consciousness. And that will be a beautiful world, a real revolution.



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