GFP Newsletter - 1/19/2021

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Control is an old habit which every child is being taught from the very childhood: control -- control everything - - discipline, behave. Now you are no more a child, and I am not your father -- I am not even your uncle! Throw all control, throw all licenses, throw all boundaries. Life is so short, don't destroy it in controls and boundaries and mannerisms and etiquette and all kinds of nonsense.

Rejoice! I repeat, rejoice -- and rejoice totally. And if your heart is dancing, give it full energy. Everybody's heart is dancing. This is a place of dance, of song, of laughter. And I say this is the only kaaba, the only holy place in the world today. All holy places have become unholy, they have become prisons for man in the name of morality, control, discipline.

This is a small place with a vast territory of independence, freedom. The whole sky is yours -- even the sky is not the limit.



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