GFP Newsletter - 2/5/2021

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The seeker should look at the master first -- not at what he says, but what he is. Is he something transcendental? Is his life a laughter, a song, a dance, a joy, a blissfulness? Or is he just a pretender, a businessman fulfilling your expectations -- of course, showing humbleness, humility... just business tactics.

A man of real truth has no need to be humble. He is neither egoist nor humble, because those are the same things in different quantities. Only the egoist can become humble. I cannot say I am a humble man. I cannot say that I am a simple man, because simplicity is only a lesser form of complexity, and humbleness is on a lower strata, the same as ego.

They are not different; the degrees are different. I am neither humble nor egoist. I am simply just the way I am.



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