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Mary Magdalene
Dr. Angela Barnett


God is much like a musical instrument and the conductor of an orchestra who is continuously creating new Symphonies of Love that will inspire his instruments to create music that is even more harmonious, more joyful, more emotionally transforming. Actually, God already created all of the Music. The Music of the Spheres contains Energy of Source moving through it into the designs the heavens are built within. About seventeen trillion years ago, God decided that he would like to create musical instruments who could hear the music that they had created so that they could blend together more harmoniously because they had learned a great deal more about what Love actually was and how glorious it was to feel and experience this love and the ecstasy of love, and God found a way for his children to hear and experience this music even when they came out into the lowest density that light and sound could possibly exist within. Creator Beings are the Musical Instruments of God, we are also the Music of God, we create the rhythm, the balance, the color, the emotions within the Music of the Spheres, and we do this through the guidance of our great Music Conductor, the God of All that Is.

God is not only the God within the Christian religions. God is the same God within the Buddhistic religions, the Hindu religions, and every other religion and belief system on this Earth and every belief system in the entire Universe. God believes that the truth of what is his present understanding of all of his children. God's truth or God's logic might be understood in this way. A truth or reality is created by the logical formulas that it is created from. However, God's logic is created by each and every emotion that He experiences, and that experience creates a new logic within God. And then it is that new logic from which God formulates his next plan of moving his energy through the universe and through the galaxy and through the Earth, so that the best result will occur.

What is an emotion? It is music. God's logic is formulated through the emotions which cause the music of the spheres to sing. The music of the spheres sing continuously, and yet they change continuously as more and more variations of the emotions of all of God's Creations come into being through experiences of the Creator Beings, such as the Love experiences of Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene that were created in the last chapter of the BC time period and beginning the new chapter of the AD time period. 

After that emotion of love was changed within God Himself, a Mother God was created because the old Logic then contained a new Emotion which created a new Logic within God. The Logic was created through an Emotion. However, in the Creation Realm that Emotion was created as MUSIC because it was a shift in the light and sound of the music of the spheres.

These emotions of Mary and Jesus are heard in the Music of the Spheres, which is the translation machine of these emotions into every spectrum of sound and light through each dimension and then experienced as infinite forms of that emotion as the children of angels and the children of men translate that emotion into their own experiences, including the human beings on Earth having experiences that expand the meanings of those emotions continuously. The sounds transform in the same way that the light is transformed from the original sounds of white light that transforms into the violet wave and into the translucence of the ultra violet blue light spectrum that inverts reality to be able to see both sides of the spectrum.

Beethoven's music demonstrated this emotion by pushing the previous forms of music out into a wider spectrum of emotion, and yet tied these emotions together through the stream of joy, which was the light of God holding these explosive, colorful, dramatic emotions together through the power of love, which is the light form that holds all forms together. 

That type of music was called Romantic Music because it actually was quite romantically filled with the male and female Soul that God had become through the new experiences that had been created through the Emotions place in his light spectrum when Mary and Jesus experienced the emotion of love between a man and a woman.

God is always re-translating his light through the use of his infinite energy that allows reality to continuously shift as a result of the emotions of his children.

God is a combination of each and every idea of God that has been revealed through thousands of religions on this planet and billions of other belief sytems that have been created by race lines throughout our Universe.

God is all of that. God creates himself continuously to be all that is needed to allow all of his creations to create their most ideal situtation. God will create a perfect reality for each and every entity in the universe. There is room for each idea of God to have God's abundance available to them every moment of their existence. And that existence will never end. Everything that God creates is as Eternal as God is.

There is no one religion that is correct or incorrect. Religions contain a diamond within them that allows the truth of who God is to be known to some. However, the religions have covered the diamond with a hard plastic substance that must be melted down and carved through to find that treasure within it. The bureaucracies of the church organizations completely block the light that would be shining on that diamond that would reflect versions of spiritual understanding to those who are searching.

Unfortunately, people are given more motivation to stop searching for the truth and to settle for the truth that is most strongly forced upon them through manipulation and lies than they are to carve through the ball of plastic around the diamond. People have been trained to serve the bureaucracy as if it is the thing God wants it to be, rather than realizing that the bureaucracy is the thing that God does not want the church to be.

God is Love. Everything God creates through the manipulation of His Energy through the use of Light and Sound in various structures and forms is all for the continued maintenance of a kingdom where All That Is becomes available to all of His Children, and all of His Creation.

All of God's activity is to allow all that is known and understood by some to be known and understood by all others eventually. God wants us to discover what he has placed within us through our own unique journeys and experiences in our lifetimes.

This universe was designed as the experience that would allow God to have his emotional experiences pushed as far as they could be into all of the dimensional realities within this universe and then as far outside of the original spiritual design into the density of the outer realms that only contain a few members of the original designing committee. Those were the Original Ones and the Creators who were created from the Original Design of God's original Emotional Logic formula.

Look at all of the ways, all of the versions of each religion, each culture, each dimensional perspective of these, and look at each idividual's personal way of understanding who God is. See all of these versions of understanding as a colorful mandala, where each piece of the light spectrum fits together like a perfect painting and perfect puzzle that has been reassembled.

Each person has a different level of understanding. So one person might be this speck of light, one person may contain a piece of a rainbow, one person may have a glimpse of the music created in one of the spheres of music. God could be thought of as a music conductor and in order to put the emotions into his music he has designed billions and billions of individuals who will bring more and more of the light spectrum in varied ways because each one brings a new emotion with the color and with the rhythm because of their individual experiences in life which create all of the emotions within each one to bring more light and color and glow and emotions to the music.

Gregorian chant, monophonic, or unison, liturgical music of the Roman Catholic Church, used to accompany the text of the mass and the canonical hours, or divine office. Gregorian chant is named after St. Gregory I, during whose papacy (590–604) it was collected and codified.

If we think of God in this manner we can see that the music created in the Baroque period left for us a modal structure which allows a very simple harmonic flow that allows ultimate harmony to flow as a part of an Essence of the God Structure of a pattern of harmonic structure.

When we move on in time to the Renaissance music, the harmonic structure of the modal scheme became woven into the emotional experiences of people which were also seen in their colorful clothing with extremely artistic designs woven through the colorful rhythms of their minds.

The Classical music went back to the simple formula again as if to create a new structure which would allow the simplistic chordal harmonies to take on a simple control. This same pattern of a thought form appeared as the kingdoms that were ruled by Kings who wanted a control within their countries, but were also willing to give them some freedom and fairness within the structure.

Beethoven's music demonstrated this emotion by pushing the previous forms of music out into a wider spectrum of emotion, and yet tied these emotions together through the stream of joy, which was the light of God holding these explosive, colorful, dramatic emotions together through the power of love, which is the light form that holds all forms together. 

That type of music was called Romantic Music because it actually was quite romantically filled with the male and female love that unfolded as God became Mother God through the new experiences that had been created through the Emotions placed in his light spectrum when Mary and Jesus experienced the emotion of love between a man and a woman about 2000 years ago.

Each of these emotions were created in the Music of the Spheres over periods of trillions of years. It is the belief in time that is created within the density of the third dimension that has blocked the complete stream of all of the glorious emotions that are within the Music of the Spheres to be felt, understood, and created as a new musical form on Earth.

This Music that would present the Spirituality of All that God is through the infinite Symphonies of his Love that were each breathed into existence by igniting flames and feeling the rhythm of waves within the flame and sparks of light that ignited from the flame and the feelings of harmony and warmth that were created between the breath and the flame, and how that flame was able to ignite reality after reality to form within itself because that flame already contained within it the entire light spectrum, or the entire universe of the completed idea of all that God plans on placing within it, is continuously being heard on Earth now.

The sound of this eternal music is so etheric, so transparent that it is only heard as an in between sound that is bouncing to and fro as a result of the light particles interacting with many densities of light particles. This music can be heard within the head when the Seals of Light in each chakra are allowed to expand out beyond the universe. 

The entire Music of the Spheres can be heard within the head when the Mind of God is so totally allowed to become the guiding light source of every breath, every thought, every action of each moment.

The music, the clothing, the thought forms, the rulers of the kingdoms during these times were all a reflection of groups of individual's present understanding of who God is.

The times when rulers could place the fear of God within people was one emotional experience that will always be held within God without judgement, but as a piece of the emotions that make God understand more about his creation.

Your writing must become purely spiritual. When you move into these spiritual realms your thinking, your writing must become as spiritual as their way of thinking before you can enter in to their home.

Every thought I create must match the spiritual wonder of who God is. I am expressing the light of all that God is within every thought that I place on this paper. There can be no thought within me or any thought that comes from my mouth that is not in complete alignment with the highest light of all that is known within me. I must align with my highest light and never come down into the lower frequencies of light where I express judgement or anger or question my supply and my guidance that is always coming from God. The truth that comes from my pen will be a result of God burning away any thoughts that come from me that have not been purified by the light of God.

All of the things that I have learned about God in this lifetime are known to me because of the Soul within me who is Mary Magdalene. These experiences are very real to me in this third dimensional body because the Soul of Mary Magdalene is within me. These experiences may not be as easy to understand to someone who does not have a Soul within them from higher realms. I am  who I am.
Mary Magdalene
Dr. Angela Barnett