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Dr. Angela Barnett

God's light is seen and being seen by God and by those who are allowing God to be within them. Each creation of God has the ability to have as much of God's light within them that they choose. God chose to have pure freedom of choice as the only possibility on this Planet Earth because God wanted to give his creation the opportunity to become all that they could become all by themselves, without having the puppet strings of God controlling their lives.

God did place Souls within these Beings on Earth so that there would always be a telephone line to God available to them, when they chose to be within so much of God's Light that they would allow themselves to speak to God through their Soul's telephone line connection.

However, God wanted it to be entirely the choice of each individual to be connected or disconnected from God in whatever way they chose to be. This Earth was created for the experience of Freedom, and for God to experience all of the possibilities that result from this experience of Freedom.

We each have this ability to have ALL OF GOD'S LIGHT shine through us, or very little of GOD'S LIGHT shine through us. The more of this light that we allow, the more we will be living again in the Garden of Eden. And we do not need to worry about eating the wrong apple. We only need to allow the light to flow through us. That is all we need to do. When we do that, we get to experience what real FREEDOM is. However, each person has the freedom to discover that possibility all by her/himself.


God sees each one of His Individual Creations as a flame and a light.  God looks down from above (of course there really is no above to God, because he is every where), to see a light that is burning brightly like a fire. So, it is easy to assume that we could imagine ourselves as being the candle flame which includes all of the spectums of light within it, just as God sees us as his complete self, which is the light with all spectrums within it.

We are the light. We are each a candle flame, which has the spectrums of light that represent each one of the dimensions of reality within the universe. Of course, there is no reason to need to break down the light spectrums in a scientific manner, unless you are one of those who can only believe what is proven to you scientifically.

Simply speaking, we are, in truth the pure light of All that Is. We each have this great light within us and flowing through us. When God looks down at the entire dimensional realm, or the entire galaxy or universe, he first sees that reality of each individual and each individual group of consciousness being exactly who He is, because everything that exists is God.

When the time comes for an individual to either ascend or die, God looks more closely at this light within each of us because only the absolute pure light that is the same as the light of God flowing through them brightly and continuously can turn into that same flame that is God.

God is always allowing his Eternal Flame to flow through each of us and to allow us to be that complete Candle of the entire frequency, of the hertzian in 3D, the infra red in 4D, the x-ray, that sees within, the ultra violet blue that allows the atomic mirror effect of our ability to see ourselves as our spiritual self, the gamma wave that allows us to know we are in fact standing inside of the Sun's warmth, and we are even the pink white silver pastel frequency that creates transformation into the pure invisible white light that allows our body to disappear and then transform into the new form that is chosen by our Soul that will allow us to re appear on Terra Ha.

God does not judge any of His Creations. God places a Soul in each one of His Creations so that He will always be able to keep in touch with each one through the channel, or telephone wire that the Soul allows God to communicate through. Even though the process of God sending His Light into each Creation is the same, the receiving process is different depending on how much of a LIGHTWORKER the receiver is.

For instance, the Spirit keeps a finger on those who show their belief in God by doing spiritual work such as praying, or acknowledging his or her strong belief that God is with them. And, this God is the same regardless of the person's religion. God will send the finger of His Spirit through the frequency signature of Buddha, or Jesus Christ, or Mohammad, or Alla, or any God that allows the belief to come forth. 

There is no truth in  the belief that the Christian Religion is the only way to connect with  God. This is the exact belief that Jesus and Mary are here on Earth to remove. It is true that we, Jesus and Mary were the only Creator Beings on Earth two thousand years ago, who came directly from the Creator Realm of At One Ment with our Father God. We were on Earth for the purpose of God experiencing Himself as both the male and female part of His Soul as separate experiences coming together as One. Yeshuwa ben Joseph was on Earth to tell people exactly what God was saying through his Soul, who contained within it the direct link to the One God in the Creator Realm. I also came to Earth as the Soul of a Creator Being to bring the truth of God to the little children who lived in my village.

Creator Beings needed to be on Earth at the time of the Jesus and Mary story for the purpose of re-connecting the Portal of Consciousness from God directly into Earth. 

So, God was originally pouring his Light and Love of His pure Creation Actiivity through the Universe as the Music of the Spheres designing various realities in various dimensions into what resulted in the 12 race lines of this Original Consciousness.  Each one of these original race lines created their own star system including the Andromeda, Arcturian, Pleiadian, Orion, Alpha Centauri, and other systems.

The blockage of the portals on this planet Earth caused the blockage of the flow of light into each of those original race lines because the Ascension Portals reach through all of time and space through the entire Universe and are held within the original templates of the Spheres within Spheres in the Creation Realm of the Cosmic Structure.
Dr. Angela Barnett