God is not bipolar, God is the Full Spectrum

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Continuing the theme of finding the Divine within ourselves, I wanted to further address the ideas about God that we've gotten from religion. If you're obsessed with the biblical old testament version of "god", me telling you that You Are God might make you believe you're supposed to go smite people or flood cities. If you listened to the new testament, you might think you're supposed to perform miraculous healing and go walk on water. Both of those ideas are there to put God outside of you, to search for external evidence of God. Religion had to put God outside so religion could control your beliefs about God. Every religion does this, they separate you from the Divine and then install themselves as the middleman. It's a very profitable scam.

If you see things the way I do, you see that Consciousness itself is a Divine miracle. Every sunrise, every sunset, every single Moment is a wholly awe-inspiring event for those who can see past the filters of their limited mind. That's how you begin to see the Divine Within, by being fiercely aware of everything that resides within your own Consciousness. By confronting your fears, by questioning everything you believe, by continuing to dig deeper and deeper and deeper.

Humanity's image of what God is has been steadily evolving. Unfortunately, religion has tried to hold on to the older beliefs about God, while combining them with the newer. This has created what I call the "bipolar god", a God of Unconditional Love, but also a vengeful, punishing, and jealous God. An all-forgiving God, that will punish people for all eternity if they don't do what he wants. The contradiction should be obvious for anyone with even a basic understanding of Love and forgiveness.

The image of God I just described is what happens when you try to understand God through the filter of duality. Duality is "either/or" thinking, "black or white", "this or that", duality takes things to extremes, then usually goes back and forth between those extremes. If you want to understand God, seek to drop all dualistic thinking. God is not black or white, God is the full spectrum of colors.

If you want to understand the Celestial Realms, which is how you really connect with God, start looking at things in terms of vibration. This isn't so hard, look around you right now, all the colors you see are different vibrations. Every sound you hear, that's a different vibration. Every feeling you have is it's own vibration, and this is how you can become aware of 5D. You don't do it through mental understandings and beliefs, those just excite the mind more and obscure the subtle feelings. Release all the thinking, and just feel. Feel what your senses are bringing in, feel what's going on within yourself, feel yourself breathing. Don't just do these things as a sometimes meditation, integrate awareness and feeling into every moment of your Life.


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How exciting! Sometimes One can hear something a million times & then, that million and oneth time it finally clicks!...:D