~GROUND CREW UPDATES~6~14~11~~Message FOR Humanity~ on the Galactic Fleet and their efforts to assist you~

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~Message FOR Humanity~ on the Galactic Fleet and their efforts to assist you~

This may come as a shock for you that one can put into words for you and describe the efforts that the fleet go to, to ensure your safety and to assist you on this path here on earth.
Some of you do not trust the Cosmic Fleet because you have not seen for your own selves what it is they do for you. Some of you may not even realize just how much effort goes into making this Ascension possible for all of you at this time.

I have been part of the Galactic crew for longer than you can imagine, Longer than I have in my incarnated years at this present time And what I have seen I am now able to disclose to you, that you may know just how much you are truely loved by us your family.
Wilst I will not reveal any plans or information that would jeopardise the mission, I can show you just how much that is done.

The fleet in orbit is trillions of ships in number, from across many star nations, some of which you are familiar with, others you are not. The ships hold this planet in a quarantine to enable you to pull yourselves out of duality. And so rise above the 3rd dimensional existence you currently are experiencing. The assistance from this is that no other beings can come to earth and so hinder your progress or interfere with you, but rather like children before you grow up, you are looked after, kept safe from them who might not have your best interests at heart. All beings in the crew are Ascended masters/ beings, although they may not have had incarnations upon earth, and have ascended upon other planets, they are fully aware of everything that you are going through, having already walked this path. This puts them in the best postition to help you.

The main ascended masters you are familiar with El Moyra, Kuthumi, Jesus/ Sananda, Melchizedek, Serapis Bey, Ashtar, Soltec, Sohin, and many more all sit upon the Galactic council. These council meetings are held very regularly, and as often as necessary. I have sat in on these meetings, and seen and heard the updates being discussed and the best course for your highest good. They take great care to ensure that they do not infringe upon your free-will and your own life plans and in these meetings EVERY SINGLE one of you is taken into account. None of you are ever forgotten in these meetings. It is not just on a huge collective scale they make these meetings for, but even for you. In doing so they forge moment to moment the plans they have in order to free you and help raise you up on towards your ascension.
There is great care being taken in your spiritual growth and lessons, that you will learn to become masters yourself. They plan everything, and continue to plan the lessons and structure of it all as we speak now. Each moment there is a change or a delay the hold a council meeting. The room is large with many tall backed chairs and a large round table in the centre. Some of you may have been here too. And even recognise the council chambers.
Though I cannot divulge any plans or go into detail about what is spoken of, this will have to suffice to show you just how much they really do take into consideration all that you need. Though they cannot interfere with particular life path plans or karma.

Not only do they disarm nuclear warheads and clean up your nuclear waste, but they also make sure your every need will be carefully taken care of.
They work alongside the Argarthans in being able to bring you back into your fully conscious selves. As far as contact and disclosure, it is being worked upon by the ground crew and is not far off from being manifested right in the faces of them who are in control. Under direct command from Father and Mother God Creator, these Christed beings, only resonate uncondtional love, joy and peace.

In the times I have stepped up on board these crafts, I have never been harmed in anyway. Nor made to beleive anything I did not wish to believe. There is no manipulation or mind control. I am free to express myself in anyway I choose to with no judgement from them. Even if that means jumping into the galactic council meetings and dancing on the table. Or flying up in front of one of the giant clear windows and waving madly in at them and doing my poor impression of mr spock and telling them to 'Live, long and prosper!' Which they love and roar out in laughter. They have great sense of humours. As all enlightened beings do.

Other things I have seen, are when I have been in command of a ship, out on missions. We fly under fault lines at great peril to our craft while the earth is shaking and rescue people. We take full medical teams with us, and we have great skills in healing. None are harmed in anyway. We cleared up and made safe the area around fukushima.

We have ascension seats to help teach those souls who wish to ascend, and to give them the vital information to help themselves fully. They can come in their sleep to learn. We also assist in teaching humanity through our own teachings and channeled messages. Every being from the ships resonates only love, and is willing to be here to assist you.
Our technology is of crystaline energy and our energy systems are clean and pure, with no emissions, pollutants or negative particles.
Yes we do have the ability to travel back and fowards in time, and I have seen this with my own eyes. Having travelled backwards to the very life and timeline of when Jesus/ Sananda walked this planet on the 3D plane of existence.

In normal mode the crews movements and activities are very deliberate and calm, with care, grace, and great peacefulness. In which I normally find very restful, and often fall asleep whilst out of body up there.Yet very recently (only 2 days ago) I have seen a huge increase in their activity, having zipped off up there for my normal 'random' visit I visited one of my crews team healers, and the bustle and hustle of the crew was enourmous. When I asked why all the bustle? I was told that they are fully preparing for all eventualities. Even the medical crew are preparing for your warm welcome, the finishing touches of their plans are made, they are straightening out the cushions and polishing the silver - so to speak. The communications team are putting the finishing touches to their messages and HOW and WHEN they are to put them out. The teachers are finishing putting their lessons together for teaching humanity. The ships themselve being ready for visits and inspections from no doubt millions and billions of curious people.

THIS IS IT people. The Final Countdown. When the marker hits zero, hold on to your hats. We ARE HERE and we COME in PEACE.



I am so excited I want to

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I am so excited I want to dance and sing as loud as I can!  I want to shout and hollar!!! YAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!

Welcome with open arms, heart and soul ;) <3

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What great and wonderful NEWS <3 YOU are all welcome my extened Agarthan and Galactic Family. YAY our family has finally arrived in Peace,Harmony,Oneness,Abundance and Unconditional LOVE ;) <3 WE are all ONE <3

Abundant Eternal Blessings all and Everyone <3


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Is this IT?


It means it will happen on 21st of June???


Love and Joy, HAHA!!!))))))))))



I do not know what to do to repay you for all your sacrifices. May your service enable you to ascend into higher and higher dimensions. God bless you. HARRIS.