~High Council of Orion message for 17th June~

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Welcome beloveds and we give blessings that we are able to communicate with you and help to guide you at this time. Many of you struggled with our words regarding fear and love and we are here to guide you through this. It has been firmly implanted into your BEing that love is conditional, all over the planet the same “romantic” scenario is played out constantly. It is in your media, it is in your films, it is everywhere. From little children playing at “fairy tales” to teenage films that seek to reinforce that LOVE hurts.

We guide you most strongly dear ones that this is illusion at work. Real true love is UNconditional. Whilst you love another and place conditions or reasons on them you do not really hold love for them, you hold a mixture of fear and love. LOVE just is, dear ones, it flows, it flows through everything across planet earth. It is the whisper in the wind dear ones. You have been trained to expect love to hurt, why would that be? Why would you have to give part of yourself in order to receive LOVE when love is available for all at all times? This makes no sense dear ones.

The route to LOVE is through the heart. But if you have spent most of your existence on the planet placing conditions and reasons on another then you will have received less than love in return. Humans who love conditionally will try to turn themselves into what they are not, to LOVE another is to ACCEPT that they are human, that means they are not perfect. The “romantic” view of love eludes to the perfect human who will solve everything in your world. Do you see how this robs you of the power that you have within you? Whilst you give yourself over to another you rob yourself of all that is you. UNconditional love allows humans to BE who they are and ACCEPTED by those around them. Why would you not accept another? If you cannot accept anothers ways of BEing then we put it to you that you deny yourself the LOVE that is there for you.

Many humans across the planet live in households that are full of everything BUT love. This we highlight to show you how illusion has taken you down the route of fear. If you live with someone but fear them then it is NOT love. If you live with someone and feel controlled, manipulated or undervalued then it is NOT love. If you love with someone but harbour feelings for another then it is NOT love. Do you see our analogy dear ones? Many humans will “fight” for their love, we do not understand this. The words have different vibrations and make little sense to be used together. Fight has a negative energy whilst LOVE has a positive energy, one would cancel out the other vibrationally.

The illusion seeks to plant ideas of how to define something that CANNOT be defined. LOVE has no definition it just is. Whilst you live your lives defining LOVE then you live just on the outside of LOVE. LOVE sees NO colour, sees NO race, sees NO gender, LOVE JUST IS.

Many of you have been triggered with our use of the word fear and its has come apparent to us how firmly fixed into illusion BECAUSE of this definition of LOVE that many of you are. The word fear was used in capitals to help highlight to you the underlying emotion that is being used in the guise of a positive emotion. We will use a scenario to help explain what we mean.

Many of you would say that you LOVE your children and would do anything for them. We accept and understand where you get the definition of LOVE from so already there will be a seed of fear within the scenario. Many of fill your children with fear of the unknown, instilling into them that the world is a dangerous place and that harm could come to them if they are not careful about who they talk to and how they behave outside of the home. Now on the surface this is seen as a caring thing to do and comes from a place of LOVE. But does it? How does filling your child full of fear of the unknown become LOVE? In this scenario the child is now vibrationally lower than ever and will be on the look out for situations that are negative, vibrationally they are now more on the wavelength of the negative than before, they are now able to attract that which they have been warned about.

Remember dear ones your vibration will attract events, places and situations of the SAME vibration, to fill a child with fear will lower their vibration and will achieve the exact opposite of what was intended. Do you see our analogy dear ones? Do you see how reactions that are fear based come in the guise of LOVE?

Many of you across the planet are now more aware of LOVE and are opening your hearts to it and we send you many blessings for doing this. Holding the vibration of LOVE is vital at this time of mass change. We are here to highlight that LOVE has NO definition. If you find yourself placing conditions on those around you then please look for the seeds of fear that are within you. For only seeds of fear would prompt you to act this way.

The fantasy world that is created around LOVE across the planet is now darker and more full of fear than at any other time in the history of the planet. How many films are available for humans to watch that contain images of unconditional love? How many films are being made and viewed by humans that contain fear as the main emotional response? We draw attention to this so that you can be more aware of the TRUE purpose of these films.

We fully appreciate how difficult our words are for many of you to hear and how difficult they are for many of you to accept. We guide you strongly to be aware of how illusion traps you in your daily life. Many of you believe that advertising does not sway you yet the message about love and fear has been sent across the planet for decades. The new “twist” on love appears to be that it hurts more than ever. This is illusion dear ones.

Human BEings are unique, they are individual in their appearance and behaviour, that’s what makes you human. It makes little sense for you all to try to be what it accepted by society as being the way to be. We are unsure of our words to highlight this to you in a way that is more obvious dear ones. We see many across the planet following fashions, latest technology and following trends and we highlight - how this does reflect the individual human BEing that you are? Whilst many of you try to become that which the media tells you that you need to be many struggle with the concepts. Many struggle to “fit in”, to be “accepted”, and we highlight that this is separation and illusion. To not accept someone for what they look like, what their voice sounds like or what country they come from is to view that human as different to you. They are different only on the outside, their skin may be a different colour, their language different but on a soul level they are human. We are ONE dear ones, the language and skin colour is being used once more by illusion to divide a rainbow of human BEings from each other.

Many across the planet believe they are superior because they have a certain colour of skin. This is illusion at its strongest. The rainbow of humans reflects the rainbow of your sun. All the different colours make up the human race to reflect the pure white light that you each contain. View the different colours of the human race as the light being poured through a prism and separating out into what makes up the light. Do you see the analogy dear ones?

It is vital that you begin to realise where the divisions are, where the prejudices are that are sometimes so deep within a human BEing that they fail even to see that prejudice exists. Many of you instil the differences into your offspring to “protect” them, it fills them with fear dear ones. The children of your race are pure, they come onto the planet as pure love, that pure love is then diluted by the older generations around them that begin to place reasons and conditions on them receiving the love that is available for you all.

The universe in all ways provides love, you are loved greatly by all who inhabit the universe, the route to this love is within you, it lives within your heart chakra. Source is where you receive love from and it is unconditional. Yet many of you place reasons upon yourselves as to why you do not “qualify” for love. Many of you daily give yourselves reasons why you are bad or why you are not deserving and we guide you strongly to question why you would do this? Who sits in judgement of you dear ones? Who has the authority to question how you live your life? Why would anyone have a say over that which you do? Why does the opinion of another human mean so much to you? Why do you not have faith and trust in your own instincts and follow your heart?

Many of you struggle daily with tasks that you put upon yourselves which you do not resonate with. Many of you hold down jobs that drain you yet you list reasons as to why you do not deserve more from life. We guide you to ask yourselves why you do this? The only person who can change your life is you. The power of that change lives within you and can be found by accessing the silence within. How many of you take time in your daily movements to be still and to listen to guidance? How many of you will ask those humans around you for their thoughts on what you should do without asking yourself? Why would this be?

Each and every one of you across the whole planet has access to guidance, but many of you are unaware of this and turn instead to those around you. Whilst we guide that it can be comforting to have humans around you that support you we guide you to see that their opinion can ONLY be from an observer. They do not live the life that you do, they do not feel what you feel and they do not hear and see what you see. Every human is different in what they interpret and that is important dear ones, advice from other humans can only be in an observer role. Their interpretation of what you have told them. But every perception is different. The true guidance, the truth of your life is contained within YOU.

Do not accept that you have “no time” to stop and wonder at the world you live in. Do not accept that “someone knows more than you”, and do not accept that “you are wrong” without questioning the truth inside of yourself. How can you be wrong if you are the captain of your own ship? Perhaps to others around you what you do may “appear” wrong to them but that is their perception of what they believe is happening and what they believe your reaction should be. Do our words resonate with you dear ones? The only person who is truly able to see how your life should be IS YOU.

Be empowered dear ones, do not allow other humans who have seeds of fear but may appear to act from love to dissuade you from your truth. YOUR truth may well be different to your neighbour, your friend, your loved one but then your life will be different will it not? No two humans live the same lives, in any scenario there are differing perceptions, now is the time to stand in your own power and make your own decisions based on your own truth. That truth resides within your heart and the voyage to that place of truth starts with questioning your life. If it no longer serves you to think or act a certain way then change it. That change can ONLY come from you dear ones. Always act with love and compassion within your heart. True love just is dear ones. You cannot place conditions upon LOVE as it just IS.

We step back now to allow you to absorb our words and guidance. We guide you to process all our communications through your heart and to find the truth that lives within each of you. We are the high council of orion, your star brothers and sisters and WE ARE ONE. We hold each one of you in our hearts in unconditional love.