~~High Council of orion message for 6~18~11~

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Blessings dear ones, we come to guide and support you through these changes and we now wish to guide you with regard to how to keep your energy systems at an even vibration. We note that many of you are aware of the changes of your energy but are struggling with staying on a even vibration, this is causing huge problems with many feeling extremely ill and others unsure of why they are suffering various symptoms and having altercations with those around them. We are here to guide you through these changes dear ones, please do not panic, it is merely your vibration adjusting to the new energies across the planet.

We would like to guide you that even those who are not awake will be experiencing the new energies, they will be unaware of what is going on and this may lead to a bigger dip in their energy that needs be. The illusion may seek to confirm for them that something terrible has happened and they may indeed plunge back down into deep emotions without the realisation of why this is happening to them. The result of them doing this is that they may further the seeds of fear without realising the strength they have within them.

We guide you most strongly dear ones that the vibration as a whole is RISING across planet earth and that the human race as a whole is becoming more enlightened and holding more light. This is strengthening everyone across the planet but we guide you to be aware of family members, friends and colleagues who feel that light is not in their lives and who are struggling.

As the telepathic way of communicating strengthens across the planet earth many of you will find it uncomfortable to be in the company of those who are deeply asleep as you begin to pick up their feelings. For many of you this may be a confusing time where you try to work out why you feel down one minute but perfectly ok when on your own, it may lead to many of you isolating yourself as you try to work out what is going on. We guide you most strongly to realise that the telepathic skills that the human race has as given are on the increase. What is happening is that you are able to pick up the deep emotions that are lying in the energy field of those around you.

As the energy across the planet strengthens the depth of emotions that come to the surface increases, those who are still awake will not necessarily seek to clear these emotions, many may simply go over and over the emotions, trapped if you will by the “confirmation” by the illusion that their lives are indeed as they are shown to them. Many of you who are awake will be able to see this illusion but try as you might you will not be able to “make” those asleep be aware of what in reality is happening to them. This may lead to further confusion for the human asleep and of course further confusion for yourself as you struggle to explain what you can clearly see. This feeds the seeds of fear within both parties and lowers the vibration of the one who is awake, this result in various symptoms not least frustration and confusion.

We seek to guide you to clear and shield your energy system on a regular basis. This is no reflection on those around you, this should be done to keep your vibration CLEAR and at a high rate. Many of you will need to clear your energy more regularly if you are surrounded by those who are asleep as the increase in the reactions from those asleep will activate any residual seeds of fear that you have within you. We give an example to highlight what we mean. Many of you work for large companies, that in itself is not a problem at all unless you work in a room full of other humans. The energy system will begin to pick up what is in others energy system if you have not closed you energy system to protect it. As you go about your day you interact with other humans, if you have not closed down your energy system then you will begin to absorb thoughts and feelings that do not belong to you. Many of you in this scenario by the end of your working day will begin to feel completely wiped out and will find that frustration rears its head. On returning home to your families you may well react with frustration and irritability as you struggle to work out why you are feeling as you do. This is a symptom of the ever increasing energy across the planet. Once you begin to realise how strong a human you are, the ability you have to “key into” others energy vibration you will begin to realise how important it is to keep yourself energetically protected.
It is relatively simple to do dear ones and we guide you to do it until it is as natural as breathing which you give no thought to at all, it is automatic, continue with the energy protecting exercises until they become automatic. There is not reason for the energy system in an awakened human to dip if these are followed, the end result is that you will be able to separate out whos energy is whos and you will be able to clearly see what is happening around you.

To stabilise your energy system please drink plenty of clear, fresh water. This not only hydrates you but allows the energy to stabilise more readily within your BEing. On going outside please close down your energy systems as you may have been shown already by various practices that you are now aware of. Many of you will have been shown how to protect your solar plexus, this is done in a variety of ways across many disciplines. It can be closed down by imagining that the solar plexus is a large flower and the flower has closed petals. We guide you to be aware that the solar plexus chakra in a human being is the way into the whole energy system. If you protect this one chakra you prevent access to all other charkas in your human body.

Another way of protecting this solar plexus chakra is to imagine angel wings folding over it so that it is protected. If you research and remember you will be able to find the way to protect your solar plexus that is easy and works for you. The easier it is for you to remember the faster it will work. It is vital to protect your energy at all times. This is not about necessarily keeping others out it is about stabilising your own energy field. Again we guide you to be aware of the foods that you consume during this settling process. Potassium in the form of bananas is a good food to be consuming. As each one of you is different in your make up it makes little sense for us to give a list of foods as the list would be extremely long, we do not wish to give “general” guidance as each one of you may already have advanced to regulating your own intake of certain foods.

We have given guidance already regarding foods and that guidance stands. It is down to each and every one of you to find the foods that balance your energy system. It may be trial and error for a while as the energies fluctuate but you will be able to bring yourselves back into balance. Salt baths are extremely effective at negating negativity from your energy system. Natural salt works best.

When you feel frustration build then that is the time for you to look at the trigger. Whether it be words that another human has said to you or a feeling that you feel build, all is showing you where the seeds of fear lie and are being triggered. The process is ongoing, there is no time when you can state clearly that you have gotten rid of all seeds, such is the impact of the illusion across the planet and such is the amount of those still asleep. At some point when those asleep are outnumbered by those awake or awakening then the seeds of fear will slow down in their planting.

Remember dear ones you hold the space for those around you to begin to awaken. They will be triggered by the change in your vibration. Be alert to this as those closest to you who may be asleep begin to perhaps act strangely. They may be more “off” with you, be more assertive around you or be more “blunt” and contradict you more often. They do not do this from a conscious point of you, they are triggered wholly by your vibration. Being aware means that you do not immediately lower your vibration nor try to justify what you do or why. There is no reason to do this as the human who is still asleep will be unable to hear your words. You will make little sense to them and in their eyes just be even more out of “control” than they feared. The word “feared” is the key. You trigger vast fear in them, show them by BEing there is nothing to fear. This may be enough to trigger the awakening process within them, it may not be. The object of all this change is not to lower your vibration to keep those around you “happy”, it is to come into BEing and BE who you truly are.

We guide you strongly to resist any temptation to pacify those around you. Many of you will encouter break ups of friendships as these energies increase. It may not be obvious to you until you realise that perhaps you do not see the humans you normally see for some time. They may fall away gradually, this is a natural part of the process. Much of it will reverse in due course as the awakening process starts in those still asleep. It is vital to remember that you attract all that is the same vibration as yourself. It makes sense then that some whos vibration is lower than yours will fall away as they find it too difficult to be in your presence. These will be replaced with others of the same vibration who will find it harmonious to be in your presence.

At all times during these great shifts and changes we guide you to flow. Do not hold onto friendships that appear to be weakening this is a natural process, trust and have faith that if that friendship is meant to last it will come back to you. Once more we highlight the guidance we have given around love and UNconditional love. This is important dear ones, these changes do not involve LOSS or PAIN unless you hold on to a concept of what love is. Then the pain will be caused by you trying to exert your will over the natural laws of the universe. All will be well dear ones if you go with the flow and step into the flow and ebb of mother nature.

You cannot in essence lose anyone as we are all ONE. You are interacting with the physical manifestation of spirit in human form. That spirit is eternal, YOU are eternal . This is a vital piece of information that may make this transition easier for you.

We step back now dear ones to allow you to read and absorb our words of guidance. This is a time of vast change across your planet, change need not be about fear and worry. This change is a vast change for all of humankind. View it as the adventure and unveiling that it truly is. Step into the power that is within you and open your hearts to those around you. You are changing and morphing into who you truly are. Let you heart sing with the new way of BEing. Stand tall and ready to step into your true purpose. We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. We are all ONE. We love you unconditionally and we have loved you for eternity. We take leave now but will communicate in due course. Embrace the new beloved ones, it contains your keys to freedom.