~High Council of Orion Message 6~19~11~

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Welcome beloved ones, we come to guide and support you once more with our words at this time. Many of you are embracing the new energies and moving forward and we applaud this in you, many of you are struggling with the energies and this message is for all who feel that they may be “going around in circles”. It is so very easy to over analyse your life dear ones, the illusion has prompted you at all times to “think” about what you do, it has kept you more or less a prison in the human mind of thinking. Too much thought can turn inwards and can have many of struggling about what your life is, too many decisions, not enough time is the place where thinking can take you. For many humans across the planet the mind has kept them prisoner for so long that they no longer are able to access the heart. They live kept chained to various events through the memories and the pictures from the mind.

We are aware that many of you today will think of loved ones that are “no longer” with you. This in its very essence is illusion. For your loved ones are always around you even if they are no longer in physical form. Such is the hold of fear and illusion across the planet that you are taught that when a loved one moves from the physical to the etheric they are lost to you. We guide you most strongly to process this through your heart. This is illusion dear ones, every single one of you alive on the planet is made up of energy, this energy is eternal, the physical is not able to live on planet earth much beyond the 100yr mark but this does not mean that the energy does not live on. It is transition dear ones. To keep you from this has meant you are chained by the memories inside of your minds, you replay the memories as a way of “keeping alive” the human no longer in physical form. This furthers the seeds of fear in the shape of loss, the illusion drives the pain further and further into your emotional body as you struggle to understand what has happened.

We appreciate that not all cultures across the planet hold the belief that the physical death of a human is the end but the majority of humans across the planet do believe this. This is illusion at work, to further the separation and keep you weak and chained into your head. Do you understand our words dear ones? Do you understand the truth we seek to give you? Energy is eternal, it is always moving, never still. This is another truth that is kept from you, dear ones energy continually moves it is a law of the universe that energy cannot stop. Many of you feel “stuck” and we guide you that you are not in essence “stuck”, what is happening is that the mind is repeating the same scenario over and over, it is this scenario that is “stuck” not the situation. Do you see how by changing the thoughts or moving from the mind into the heart you move this forward?

It is by no accident that the human heart when it feels pain is prompted to shut down, this is the teaching from birth for all of you and is the exact opposite of what should be done. Far from shutting down the heart for the pain the heart chakra should be opened, opened so that LOVE can be poured through it, to help heal what has happened. You are all on a healing journey as much as you are on a life journey. You cannot heal what you will not look at. The mind will seek to imprison you in pain whilst your heart knows the way to heal that pain. Look not to your mind for answers of an emotional nature for that is the domain of the heart. The heart knows about emotion, the heart is your centre of emotion and it knows how to heal emotion. The mind is seeded with fear and confusion and will always attempt to replay the scenario over and over always seeking for another ending. But this is illusion dear ones for the ending can never differ from what actually happened. No amount of wishing will alter what has happened. Love can change how you feel about the scenario, LOVE will move you to truth dear ones.

Be aware of the tricks of the human mind, always searching and searching but the mind does not have the answers that the heart does. The heart is your connection to your brothers and sisters of the cosmos, your heart is the path to source. Source is your LOVE and your connection to all things. The mind would have you believe that you came to this world alone and that you leave alone, NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH beloved ones. For you are never alone, you are part of a vast cosmic force that has LOVE at its core. We seek to show this with our words of guidance dear ones.

For too long the human race has been denied access to the truth, find it in your hearts dear ones. Push aside the images that the mind would have play to you to keep you from accessing your hearts. The mind is the protector of the heart, this of course should read the mind is the jailer of the heart. It is through your heart that you must live dear ones, not your minds, for they can be twisted and pulled in various directions always seeking for new ways of doing things but the heart, your heart, KNOWS the truth. For the heart of humans was always seeded with truth, seeds of fear cannot grow in the LOVE that is kept deep within the human heart. For that LOVE is always present even when you feel that it is not. It is stored deep within the human heart so that may find it there.

We guide you to move out of your minds and into the true place of LOVE which is your heart. If you feel your heart is a barren wasteland then please look again dear ones. The mind may be spinning this picture to you to keep you from the truth of your BEing. Do not allow the games of the illusion to weave the picture of barren soil within your heart. For human BEings by their very nature are born of LOVE. Each one of you was seeded with LOVE for a reason.

The illusion seeks to deter you from entering the heart space by filling your minds with reasons that may appear to be justified but in reality are simply fear. The illusion tells you that your brothers and sisters all around you are different from you. The illusion tells you that you must distrust a brother or sister because their skin is a different colour from you or that they use a different language. To take off the skin and peel away the language you will find the same as you, HUMAN. You may furnish your outside appearance by changing your hair colour, eye colour, clothing etc but underneath all the furnishing you are HUMAN. You are no different from each other in any respect. There are biological differences yes, the male and female differ from each other in physical appearance but that is all dear ones. Each one of you came to this planet to find LOVE. By this we do not mean the romantic love that is shown to you as the true love, again this is illusion trying to separate you all from each other. We mean by our word LOVE, eternal, UNconditional love, the love that joins each BEing to one another across the cosmos.

Move into your heart dear ones, begin the path to LOVE and ultimately to your freedom by ignoring your mind and going deep within your heart. For many of you it has been a very long time if ever since you have done this. You may bring up fear with the very thought of what you have stored there. Do not allow this fear to stop you dear ones for it has no substance. LOVE is what you seek and you will only find it within your hearts. LOVE is not something to be search for externally despite what illusion would have you believe, the LOVE you look for resides within you. The illusion will spend all of its energy trying to coax you into believing that it is to be found external to your BEing. That somehow you have a twin that you must spend your whole life searching for and the finding will complete the jigsaw puzzle that is your life. This is ILLUSION dear ones. Many of you live in eternal fear of never finding the twin. The truth is dear ones it is within you.

LOVE just is. It is not how another looks nor what another says, it just is. We appreciate how difficult our words may be for many of you reading them. The illusion around LOVE and how to define it is strong. LOVE cannot be defined dear ones, please remember and absorb this. LOVE just is. Akin to the air that you breathe, it just is.

Search no longer dear ones, do not allow illusion to keep you from your birthright. Do not allow illusion to use up your emotional energy in patterns of behaviour that keep you locked in your minds. For your minds will not lead you to happiness, that resides within your hearts. Many of you spend a good deal of your lives in grief, once more we guide this is illusion dear one, you many not have the physical representation of the human in front of you anymore but you have access to their energy and their love. Their love surrounds and engulfs your heart dear ones, that is the nature of the cosmos. We are all ONE. If you absorb the truth of that statement then how can your loved one be gone? How can their love no longer be there? Do you understand our words dear ones?

Rejoice in the love that you have shared with the humans that are no longer in physical form for they rejoice in the LOVE that is. They are at a different vantage point so no longer see the separation that is perpetuated by illusion. The human condition is such that much happens on a level you are all unaware of. Do not be fooled by this dear ones, do not allow the illusion to persuade you that something unseen or unheard is not real. That is not truth. The world of the etheric where all is brought into dreaming before creation exists dear ones. Many of you have realised the access you have to this. Those still asleep will try to convince you it does not exist, such is the illusions strength across the planet. You have been trained to believe that if you cannot see with your eyes nor hear with your ears it does not exist. The very training in this idea closes down your senses dear ones. Those who are awakening are beginning to extend their senses once more and realise that the illusion was just that.

We guide you once more dear ones to realise that if you can dream of the life you wish to lead then you LIVE the life you wish to lead. Process this truth with your hearts dear ones. All that stands between the dream and the “reality” is your thoughts. Your thoughts are heavily patrolled by the illusion. Free your mind by connecting to your heart, let you heart lead you through the life journey dear ones and your mind will follow. Your eyes will allow you then to see the wonder that is the human life journey. You have such power within dear ones, power your are blind to as long as your heart is closed.

So today dear ones allow your heart to open. Allow yourself to FEEL. Then watch as you begin to unfold like the petals of a flower. Your heart calls to you dear ones, your hearts have always called to you for that is where you store the seed of LOVE AND TRUTH. We step back now to allow you to absorb our words. Once more we ask you to read and digest our words, not only with your mind but with your heart. If our words resonate then so be it. We are here to guide you to your power dear ones. WE ARE ONE. We love you, we have never not loved you, we are the high council of orion. We hold each one of you in unconditional love within our hearts. The truth resides in your hearts dear ones.