~High council of orion message for 7~16~11 ~

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~High council of orion message for 7~16~11 ~




Welcome beloveds we are here to guide and support you. Many of you are now living your truth through your heart centre and are beginning to FEEL the difference in your life experience. We guide that this is something that will begin to get easier and easier for you as you realise when you have moved from heart to mind and can therefore re centre and balance yourself once more.

To those who are not at this point of life experience we guide you to stay centred as much as you possibly can. We guide that for many it is easy still to fall into illusion and we guide that this is something to be expected and not something that should be thought too much about, the heart does not think dear ones, the mind does.

Once more we would like to guide around abundance and “lack” and the strong teachings of illusion around this subject. Many of you look around in your daily lives and see “lack” and we guide that this is illusion. For many at this point in their lives they cannot “see” how their financial problems can be changed and this triggers deep fear within them. This is not about “seeing” or “hearing” dear ones we guide strongly to detach from this way of BEing, smoke and mirrors by the illusion can make any situation appear as a different one. For many finance is a root of trouble within their life experience and many struggle with the truth that the universe provides for all. Money just IS dear ones, it is the emotional attachment, the feelings you have around money that will affect how it plays out in your life experience.

Illusion teaches “lack” at all times, in order to encourage the work ethic that sees humans work past the point of tiredness, to ignore the cycles within their energy systems it has to teach lack. This plants seeds of fear as well as germinates seeds of fear and the mind takes over. When the mind takes over various scenarios can play out and all of them IN the mind dear ones. However as the human life experience is based upon thoughts these thoughts are used for creation. So a deep seated fear of “lack” will create “lack” in the human life experience. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do you see how this is created?

Many of you have lived through wars and shortages of food and supplies and we guide that this has planted deep seated fears within your very BEing. Many have been brought up as children with the seeds deeply rooted within them, with parents who have taught on behalf of the illusion, “eat all your food, it’s a waste”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “I am not made of money”. Do you see how the energy of these words and phrases will implant the seeds of fear at a deep level? Many of those children are now adults and are teaching THEIR children the same fear. Wars are borne out of fear dear ones, when nation turns on nation there can be no winners as human turns on human. No one can win as the enemy is YOU. It is impossible for a winner to emerge as ALL ARE ONE.

War does provide an excellent background to further fear and anxiety and the illusion will use this as a backdrop to instil deep rooted fears. These fears are then replanted every year. Every memorial that is undertaken reinforces the “lack”, the fear of it happening again and this triggers the deepest seeds to germinate once again. Forever reminded of the “horrors” of war then the human race once more lowers its vibration and remembers the teaching of fear and lack. We guide you strongly to detach from these teachings.

We understand how difficult this will be for many who were brought up by parents of that generation and we realise that there are a whole generation of humans who are deeply in fear around security and safety. This has been taught to the following generation and they are now teaching it to the next. We guide strongly that if you have been brought up in a family unit that has these teachings as part of that family to go within to the silence and question this upbringing. These teachings serve the illusion only dear ones, they keep the human vibration at a low level then the seeds will be replanted time and time again, what better way of passing this teaching on than by through humans constantly reminder the younger generations of “lack”.

We guide most strongly that the world wars were created out of fear and it was the teaching of “lack” that continued the process. When nations were deep in fear over whether they would be killed or starve to death then this led to the human vibration lowering across the planet. There was little escape from illusion as the dramas played out across the planet and the shadow of this lives on dear ones. Many will stand and remember those who died during the world wars year after year and this will replant the seeds and germinate more. This brings back deep grief for many and this is kept within the heart, it is not cleared, transmuted and healed, it is forever raked over and replanted. Do you understand our words dear ones, do you see how the illusion is teaching fear through the illusion of love and remembrance?

Who does it serve to remember and to keep the fear and lack fresh dear ones? How can a world heal from wars if those wars are kept fresh and alive within the society? We acknowledge that for many reading our words this will trigger them. War solves nothing dear ones, for the human race is part of ONENESS, WE ARE ALL ONE, therefore we wage war on ourselves. We have guided previously around the effect of one human killing another and how that affects the humans involved. Magnify this on a huge level dear ones to appreciate how the vibration was lowered and how deep the seeds were planted during the world wars on planet earth.

There are generations that remember these times, the fear, the panic, the transitions of many and those feelings are fresh within them as they have never been healed dear ones. Many who have been brought up with these teachings never question them. So strong is illusion around parental roles and that children must never question the generation before them that many have absorbed these teachings and carry the teachings on. They do not process these teachings with their hearts yet look around their life experience and cannot understand why they feel they have “lack”. We guide you to look within dear ones, question the teachings and listen to your hearts for your heart will show you truth.

The universe is abundant dear ones but you have to be open to receiving, grief will close down the human energy system and will not see the abundance. So focused are many of the “lack” that they are not open to receiving. When a human BEing cannot take time to nurture themselves then they will not be in a position to receive from the universe. So taken with the illusion and the teachings of working and giving that there is no room with the human BEing to accept and receive. Many humans across the planet are focused on material wealth and do not realise that the universe gives abundance in many other forms. Many humans are given an abundance of time or of love and do not appreciate nor accept this as they are focused on monetary abundance. This is the teaching of illusion dear ones and we guide you to detach from this teaching.

Many humans are still within mind centred life experience, this existence will have your mind inventing scenarios to get what you need in life. Many will try to work out the best way to get a new car for example, others who live from the heart will trust that if they need a new car the universe will provide. The way the car in this example comes to them is perhaps nothing they could imagine, it is giving up the mind scenarios that will enable the car to manifest in this situation dear ones. For when you indulge in mind scenarios you lower your vibration, that slows down the manifestation process. Many have already read guidance to this effect but still go with the mind centred scenarios. We guide strongly dear ones to detach from this. Have trust and faith and wait.

Again we guide that illusion teaches impatience on a large scale. Instant gratification is the order of the day in many life experiences across planet earth. Diving timing dear ones, when you have asked the universe for help that help will be forthcoming, it is a matter of having trust and faith that the universe will deliver. For many humans this is an impossible task, so rooted in fear are these humans that part of them will not believe it can happen. They do not go into the heart and ask the questions nor look at the fear and it is this that will hold things back dear ones.

Fear that is within a human will lower the vibration dear ones, it is not enough to simply acknowledge the fear, the fear must be weeded out and replaced by love dear ones, love will transmute the fear and will allow the heart to more fully open. It is through having an open heart and allowing the LOVE that IS to flow that a human is at ONE with the universe. That human will be in flow and BE. To be hooked on outcomes, to run various scenarios through your mind is not to be in flow that is to be in illusion dear ones.

We step back now to allow you to absorb our words of guidance. If our words have triggered you then please go within to the silence and question it. Look for the seeds of fear that are growing, for if you have been triggered then fear is present dear ones. It may come in the guise of anger but it is fear. Do not allow the fear that was planted to control your life experience dear ones. To allow the wars and the destruction to heal is the way forward. To open that wound year after year and allow the replanting of fear is not remembering dear ones, it is lowering vibration, it is planting more fear and is creating more grief. Allow it to heal dear ones. Humans are not vessels for storage of events, people nor places. Human life experience is to be moved through.

Be wary of the remembrance dear ones, it is a teaching of illusion that is disguised as love, it is not the humans who transitioned that are being remembered it is the fear and “lack” that is being remembered and replanted. For the humans who transitioned at the time of the wars healing comes from allowing the grief to heal within the humans who were affected at that time on all levels. It is not through a nation remembering the suffering, which serves only illusion. Those who have transitioned are no longer in physical form and are aware that ALL ARE ONE dear ones. It is the humans alive across planet earth who must uncover this truth and that is found through being in your hearts dear ones.

We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. We acknowledge that for many our words of guidance will be difficult but we do not stand back from “difficult” for WE ARE ONE. We seek to guide and support all humans across the planet at this time of vast change and ever heightening vibration. We love you dear ones, we hold much love and blessings for each one of you, for WE ARE ONE.